Trisha Paytas gives birth to daughter Malibu Barbie

Don’t know about you, but we’re still betting she’s Queen Liz reincarnate. Lee Lim

Despite claims that exploitation of children is abhorrent, this YouTube star is already sharing content of their newborn

When it comes to people with a lot of internet drama, Trisha Paytas is one of the front-runners. Trisha has been on YouTube since 2007 and has accumulated 5 million subscribers on her main channel, and over a billion views (if you include all the videos she’s deleted). As a quick disclaimer, Trisha’s pronouns have been a hot topic in the past; I will be using she/they pronouns for them as it is stated in her Instagram bio.

Trisha has had drama with at least 153 different people. By drama, I mean she has publicly insulted them, attacked them, or had internet beef with them at some point. 153 is a lot of people, so it’s no wonder people don’t like Trisha.

Trisha also has a very long history of lying. They have admitted on the Frenemies podcast that she used to co-host with Ethan Klein that they used to have a problem with frequent lying to people. It is clear from evidence that she still has an issue with lying.

Here’s a quick recap on some of her biggest scandals.

During Frenemies, she claimed that one of their previous teachers sexually assaulted her. They give the name of that teacher several times and tell people to look up the teacher because he was arrested, and it’s public record.

This was not true. There was no record of this teacher being arrested. Trisha never apologized for this action.

Trisha has a huge history of racism. There is a video of her admitting that she is racist. They use terms like ‘ghetto’ in derogatory ways. They cosplayed as a Black person (multiple times), an Indigenous woman, and a Hispanic woman. In 2012, she posted a video while in blackface. She has said the N-word several times in videos. Trisha has shown anti-Semitic behavior for years. She has a video called “How to seduce a Hebrew man” that she uploaded in 2020 and was full of racist stereotypes. She had previously uploaded a video in 2013 called “My thoughts on Hitler” where she praised and defended Hitler.

She has stated that she is sexually attracted to her husband Moses becuase he is Jewish. Because of her marriage with Moses, Trisha claims that they are “Jewish by insemination” so they can say whatever they want about Jewish people. Trisha has tweeted several times throughout the years about being sexually attracted to Jewish people because of their penises, and that they pretend to be Jewish in order to date Jewish men. In 2013 they tweeted “if you’re born Jewish can you still choose to be Catholic??? or is it like a race?”

Because this article is ultimately about Trisha’s new baby, it’s important to bring up Trisha’s past of domestic violence and abuse. In her previous relationship with YouTuber Jason Nash, Trisha hit Jason several times, made him fear for his life, stated that she had sex with Jason while he was asleep and unable to consent, and drove her car into his house while high. There is video evidence of this. In her relationship with their current husband Moses Hacmon, Trisha has stated that she punched Moses, and in a TikTok Moses admitted that Trisha forced him into having sex and threatened suicide if Moses left.

Trisha’s husband and father of her child Moses Hacmon is not free from scandal either. They started dating in August of 2020. They were engaged in December of 2020 and married in December of 2021. Moses has said that he is an architect, but does not have the qualifications to be an architect. Moses has been accused of sexually assualting women through stealthing, which is removing a condom during sex without the consent of the sex partner. Before Moses and Trisha got married, a text thread was leaked stating that Moses planned to “give [Trisha] a baby and collect child support.”

Trisha and Moses announced their pregnancy in February of 2022. Trisha claimed for years that she could not have kids. In 2016, she uploaded a video called “Why I Can’t Have Children” and said that because of her experiences with STIs, she was unable to have kids. They claimed that all the STIs gave her Pelvic Inflammatory Disease that caused the infertility. This was unclear because Trisha said she got PID at 19, but the story she was telling put her in her mid 20’s when she got PID.

She claimed in a different video that they had miscarried in 2012, but later on claimed that she had never been pregnant. In 2020, they claimed that they could not get pregnant. In January of 2022, Trisha stated in videos that after going to the doctor, they had no issues with their tubes that could stop them from getting pregnant. In the past, Trisha has said that she thinks she would not be a good mother, and that she would have a baby for YouTube money and fame.

Trisha gave birth to her daughter Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon on September 14, 2022. In 2017, Trisha tweeted “la gon [sic] be fucked for our lil [sic] baby girl. We are naming her something real while [sic] trash like Malibu or Bambi or something,” and then proceeded to name her daughter Malibu Barbie. In the past, Trisha has said that she “thinks it’s weird to put kids out on the internet every single day” and “[she] doesn’t know if [she] would do that.” In another instance, Trisha said that “it was messed up” to make kids work through vlogging. In another video, Trisha said that it was disgusting that parents would force their children to be in videos for monetization.

Since giving birth and as of the writing of this article (September 30), Trisha has uploaded 17 videos featuring the newborn Malibu. In 16 days, she has uploaded 17 videos, not including two on her ASMR channel that are baby-related but don’t feature Malibu. Trisha has uploaded 14 TikToks to her account since Malibu’s birth featuring her baby. She’s posted nine instagram posts featuring Malibu.

This child isn’t even three weeks old and has had her entire life posted to the internet. Before she was even born, Trisha posted several videos about her pregnancy. On her main channel, she posted 69 videos throughout her pregnancy directly relating to her pregnancy through either the title or thumbnail. On the Paytas-Hacmon Family Channel, they have uploaded 55 videos about her pregnancy throughout the pregnancy. This totals 124 videos about baby Malibu before she was born.

This child’s life was on the internet from the moment Trisha’s pregnancy was announced. Despite Trisha’s prior claims, she and Moses are still posting absolutely everything they possibly can about their daughter. It is child exploitation at its finest.


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