The warriors of the great white north

3 Inches of Blood looks ready for these frigid temperatures

3 Inches of Blood looks ready for these frigid temperatures

3 Inches of Blood makes a documentary

Article: Michael Chmielewski – Editor-in-Chief

[dropcaps round=”no”]H[/dropcaps]ockey, beer, and working hard for the band every day, 3 Inches of Blood truly hail from the great white north. Proudly Canadian, the band has released an online documentary about one of their cross Canada tours entitled 3 Inches of Blood: Warriors of The Great White North.

The heavy metal band from Vancouver (go Canucks!) formed in 1999, and since then, through problems like line-up changes and the challenges of living off music, the band has made a name for themselves in the metal scene from rigorous touring and hard work, not to mention killer music.

That work and touring is what this documentary portrays, and it is a perfect film for those who either want to get to know 3 Inches of Blood better, or for the general audience who wants to look into life on the road.

There are many misconceptions about the musician’s life, but this documentary does well to clear these up. Just like any career, there’s a ton of hard work and ambition needed to be successful. That is a valuable lesson to take away from Warriors of The Great White North. If you want to be a musician, do it. Drop out of school and work at it, the same as you stay in school to work at something else.

The point is to find a life path and to work as hard possible at it. 3 Inches of Blood proves that it’s possible for music.

As one member puts it in the film, “my worst day as a musician really would have been the best day of my life working construction.”

Watch the documentary to learn about things like this, but also to see the more light-hearted side of the band. For example, what do they do to every Bible in every hotel room they stay at? Though, we learn, hotels are a luxury for the touring band. Or what interesting sand do they have, amongst other things, in their tour van?

A post on the band’s Facebook explains that their record label, Century Media, allegedly hasn’t been helping to promote the film. They posted that “we’re relying on word of mouth to help get this film out to the public. Since Century Lack of Media has no interest in helping, we hope you will help us by spreading the word. Independent is truly the right way to go!”

At only five dollars, this online-only documentary is a steal. It is shot professionally, is extremely interesting, and worth every dollar. Considering the low cost, the entertainment, and the lack of media from the record label, it’s worth supporting these Canadian warriors from our very own great white north.

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