The summer of sweet tooth

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Cool down and treat yourself this summer in one of these spots

In the month of June, living in Saskatchewan commonly means two things: that it is finally nice outside, which means it is sunny and usually above 20 degrees Celsius; with that heat comes humidity. Now, what is a common cure for those sunny, muggy days? The obvious answer is ice cream! Today, you are going to read about my opinion of different types of ice cream and where to find them. This way, you know where to get those summery goods all summer long.

Now, each of these opinions about ice cream are going to touch base on the number of flavours that are available as options, and of course the best part, the taste and the refreshing feeling of the ice cream.

The first one we are going to talk about is my personal favourite, soft-serve ice cream. To me, soft-serve ice cream is the most refreshing as it tends to melt in your mouth as you eat it, compared to hard ice cream where you commonly have a crunch or bite to ice cream. And let’s be real, if you bite your ice cream, you are eating it wrong. So, getting back to the best place to get soft-serve ice cream in the city. I would personally have to say that is a little store placed in Cathedral called “Dessart.” This little cute candy and ice cream shop is located on 13th avenue in Regina and is colored baby blue and pink.

Now that you know where to head, let’s talk about the ice cream. Dessart has some unique flavours of ice cream, and some of my personal favourites are the “spiced” ice creams. Some prime examples off this list which are a must try are London Fog, chai, pumpkin spice, birthday cake, matcha, and pistachio. Not only does Dessart have amazing ice cream flavours, they also have lots of candy options! This way, if one of your kids is more of a candy kid compared to an ice cream kid, you get a 2-for-1 package!

Now, another main type of ice cream we must touch base on is hard ice cream. I know I said that your ice cream shouldn’t have a bite to it. But let’s be real, for those of us who are big chocolate bar people, the best part is when the two come hand-in-hand. I personally find the best place to find a good hard ice cream is a well-known place in Regina; Milky Way is located on Victoria Avenue. Milky Way is well known for having a variety of Chapman’s ice cream flavours. Some of my favourite go-to flavours are chocolate brownie, chocolate peanut butter, New York style cheesecake, and cookie dough chunks. The way these ice creams make you just want to take a bite as you see chunks of cookie dough, chocolate, or cheesecake in your face is the real treat.

On the topic of treats, I have recently discovered a new personal favourite ice cream. Now, this type of treat honestly truly does have the two best combinations. What you do is you order ice cream, and you get an espresso shot to go with it as well. Yes, you heard that right! A sugary enjoyment with caffeine on top – what could go wrong? The answer is nothing! The place to get this delicious combination is Dandy’s Artisan Ice Cream. A few combos that I think would be great with the espresso shot would be vanilla bean, toasted coconut, or salted caramel.

Now, today’s discussion and opinion mostly focused on special types of ice cream to find throughout the city to make that tasty treat extra special. If you are more of a basic person looking for simple ice cream, make sure to hit up the classic ice cream stores in the city like Dairy Queen, Marble Slab, and The Moo Shoppe. Now that you know where the tasty goods are, go make sure you try them and see what they are all about!


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