The Rent Isn’t THAT Damn High


So you'll notice that this week's Carillon has an in-house about how the rent is too damn high. Which, frankly, it is.

The "CEO" of New York's The Rent Is Too Damn High Party, Jimmy McMillan, has based his entire political campaign on that claim. Mr. Macmillan has also said some vaguely anti-Semitic stuff about why, exactly, the rent is so high. Mr. McMillan has since apologized, but we at the Carillon just want to make ourselves clear – we here at the paper believe that the rent is too damn high because of poor city planning, poor rental market management, and policies are at best unfriendly towards renters, and that any connection between the activities of people of a particular race and/or religion to high rent is highly doubtful at absolute best.

Got it? We blame the levels of government that don't seem to care about our rent, okay? Not the Jews.

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