The old switcheroo


The latest UFC card makes a few changes

Inside the Octagon
Autumn McDowell
Sports Editor

It isn’t everyday that two fighters swap opponents just weeks before a bout.

Originally, Strikeforce bad boy and former UFC nut case Nick Diaz was scheduled to fight welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre, a fight that could have been the opportunity of a lifetime for Diaz. If Diaz were by some miracle to beat GSP, though it would be highly unlikely – lets not forget the Matt Serra debacle – he could have instantly shot up the pound-for-pound rankings. However, it appears as though unlike Serra, Diaz will never get his chance to “shock the world.”

After failing to make an appearance for the last two press conferences, UFC president Dana White finally had enough and Diaz was dropped from the main event just weeks prior to the bout. Scheduled to replace Diaz in the main event is Carlos Condit, who was initially set to square off against BJ Penn as the cards co-main event. As speculation grew as to who would replace Condit and take on Penn, no one could have predicted the UFC’s solution to their problem. In place of Condit, and opposing Penn, is to be none other than Diaz.

Instead of being happy he wasn’t dropped from the UFC completely, Diaz has decided to start playing the blame game. Diaz instantly lashed out, saying he would have gone to the press conference if he had known the fight would be cancelled if he didn’t go. He then claimed he didn’t know it was a press conference, but rather a public relations event. Has anyone told Diaz a press conference is a public relations event? Trying to say he would have gone if he had known he would be dropped is ridiculous; every fighter has press conferences for every fight. It’s called your job, Nick.

Diaz then pointed fingers at St-Pierre, feeling GSP should have protested the fight switch. Diaz went on to call the welterweight champ a “little bitch” in numerous interviews, believing St-Pierre wanted to take the easy way out and that is why he didn’t beg for the fight with Diaz to happen. Well Diaz, that “little bitch” would easily kick your ass. Diaz needs to take a good look in the mirror, because this little situation he has gotten himself into is nobody’s fault but his own.

One could argue the biggest loser in the turn of events is Diaz, but Penn didn’t get a great deal out of it either. Penn is now to fight Diaz, who seems to be more of a hothead because of this situation than he usually is. However, the real winner in this predicament is Condit. No one expected him to fight St-Pierre, nor was he supposed to, so if he happens to win, which he won’t, he will have done the unthinkable. If he loses, which he will, then that is what should have happened because this fight wasn’t supposed to happen.

This type of situation has never happened before and it will probably never happen again. I suppose this means fans are witnessing history in the making, but I’m not sure I want to be there to see this one. It’s interesting how the same combination of fighters can produce two completely different fight cards. However, if GSP doesn’t finish his fight against Condit on Oct. 29, I might spaz.

The only thing funnier than this little mishap would be if Diaz didn’t make weight – that would be awesome.

Someone better warn him there is a weigh-in the day before the fight. I am afraid he might not know.

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