The Log House: a non-profit organization 

This photo shows a wooden room with wall-to-wall shelves of books. In the center is a table with a few featured cookbooks, and a few boxes of vinyl records underneath. There are also a variety of weaved baskets on top of the shelves. 
Are those some vintage records I see on the floor? Victoria Baht

Support local with your next thrifting haul! 

The city of Regina has plenty of thrift stores that can make your shopping experience fun, unique, and different. In central Regina, you can find a building that looks just like a log cabin that you would typically find on the shore of a beach. To some people, this is their favourite clothing, book, craft, and furniture store.  

Today we will be talking about The Log House thrift store, which is not like every other thrift store. It has more of a boutique style and works hard to support the communities in Regina that are in need. Learn about all the things you can find in this log cabin and some good things to know about it too!  

This small log cabin is a registered Saskatchewan non-profit charitable organization. The Log House operates to help individuals in Regina that need a helping hand when buying products for their homes and loved ones.  

From the pamphlet and what I gathered in the store, they have clothes for infants all the way to adults that can be business, casual, and outside gear. They also have unique accessories that can spice up your wardrobe. Not enough for you? They also have household goods like dishware, cooking ware, pictures, artwork, and more that can help decorate your home, cabin, or trailer. They have so much more that can be fun for you to enjoy for a short time or a long time!  

Personally, when I first walked inside, I was welcomed into a cute little store that gave me the vibe of a boutique store. While walking around, I found lots of goodies that are second-hand but still appeared to be in good to great condition. Not only are they in good condition, they are still a fair price.  

As I was walking around, I found clothing in a variety of prices, and you can always find something so long as you keep looking. They have baby clothes that are around $1 all the way to children’s clothes that are $3 depending on what you are looking for. Adults have regular clothing starting at $3 and ranging up to $8, again depending on what you look for.  

These prices seem fair to support those in the community and those in need. They do not try and get more out of you no matter the brand or the condition it appears. For the most part they have a firm price depending on the category. For example, I saw that they had ‘Regular Tag Clothing’ for $3 and ‘Suits’ for $4. Because of these prices, this thrift store shows that they care about the community and lend a helping hand, compared to some outrageous trendy thrifting prices. 

Not only do they have clothing for a great deal, they have board games, puzzles, card games, and toys for you, your kids, family, and friends to enjoy! Are you looking for a board game to add to your collection, but the price in store is too daring? Or are you looking for a good handful of games for your own log house and cabin? This place may have the ones for you! They have puzzles starting at 75 cents reaching all the way to games and toys for $5. Some games I saw that might encourage you to go and check it out were Cranium, Yahtzee, Battleship, and more!  

Clothes, board games, toys – what else could you want? How about some motivation to try out a new hobby? They have got lots of options for you! The first section of the cute boutique that I would check out for a new hobby would be the library that they have in the corner. The library has plenty of books that you can find, ranging anywhere from classic novels, cookbooks, tips and tricks on how to knit and sew, and more. Not only do they have books to try and teach you how to do a new hobby, they have some supplies as well.  

While I was walking around, I found some scrapbooking paper and a variety of holiday cards, such as birthday cards, get-well-soon cards, graduation cards, and so on. Do you know what would be a unique idea for someone in the future? Come check out this store, grab some scrapbooking paper and some old cards, cut them out, and make your own card and scrapbook with a twist! A great thing to do for a loved one!  

Not only can you start scrapbooking, they have supplies to start crocheting, knitting, sewing, and I am sure more! I am no master myself in these hobbies, but I am confident this would be a great place to start. Maybe you can grab a book from the library, a pair of knitting needles, and some yarn to get started! Look for a new hobby that can keep you busy for cheap. Maybe you’re already a master of the craft and want to challenge yourself. That sounds like an adventure in itself.  

I could go on and on about all the second-hand goods that you could find in this store, but I want you to go and check it out yourself. If you are not encouraged already, be sure to check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook, and you might discover some items of interest as they come into the store. This small organization looks like they are really trying to lend a helping hand to those in need! So go and check it out for yourself or take a friend to this cute little log cabin.  


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