The investment opportunity for real winners

A person holding a phone that shows a chart with the bitcoin symbol, the price rapidly falling.
Of course, you could lose everything you own buying crypto, but realistic thinking is for losers. Lee Lim

Stop thinking like a loser

Listen, there comes a moment in every person’s life when they have to make a choice; a choice to be a loser, eating ramen noodles, or a choice to be a winner who drives Lambos. This is your moment. 

You’ve got to invest in cryptocurrency. 

For those of you out there who don’t know what crypto is, let me explain how it’s basically the next Microsoft. So, there’s a chain of blocks, and each block on that chain holds a bunch of information. That information is encrypted with some super sci-fi-sounding words like ‘cryptographic quantum-proof algorithmic programs.’ Bing, bang, boom, you now have information encrypted on your block chain. If this doesn’t make sense, think about it harder.  

So, a cryptocurrency uses the blockchain to keep track of how much money you have in your digital wallet. Each digital wallet is super secure, so only you can access it with your super secure password.  

What happens if you lose that password, you might ask? You shouldn’t ask. Negative thinking is for losers. We only think about the potential wins around here.  

So, you buy the crypto, and then you wait for other people to also buy the crypto. As more people buy the crypto, the price goes up. Remember, the number of people buying the crypto will only go up, because we don’t think about the potential losses around here. Losers consider losses. Don’t think like a loser.  

Like I was saying, the more people buy, the more your coins are worth. Therefore, the quicker you buy, the sooner you can start moving up the… cone-shaped hierarchy. And you do want to be at the top of the cone, don’t you?  

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Obviously a cone has way more room at the bottom than the top. But remember, we only focus on the potential wins. No loser mindsets here. 

Besides, if you’re at the bottom of the cone, you’ve probably done something to deserve it. What really separates the bottom-coners from the top-coners is mindset and hard work. And you don’t deserve bad things. So clearly, you’ll be at the top of the cone.  

The cone truly is one of the more innovative parts of crypto that you’ll be investing in. You see, for ages people invested in pyramid-shaped investment opportunities.  

The first issue with that is really the two-dimensional structure of pyramids. Around here, we think high dimensionally, never in less than three dimensions. If you want to learn how to think high dimensionally, you can sign up for my master course on my website. It truly is a life-changing experience. Go sign up for the course now. 

I’m waiting. 

Seriously, are you going to spend your money on ramen noodles, like a loser, or invest in yourself with my educational series on high-dimensional thinking?  

The second big issue with pyramid-style investments is that pyramids are seriously out of date. I mean, the Pyramids were built in 4,000 BC. But crypto is super high-tech, so it can’t be pyramidal.  

Lastly, we recently found out that some pharaohs were women, so anything to do with pyramids is not for us. 

Though, the cone saves the best part of pyramid-shaped investment opportunities: that there are winners and losers. Think about it, it wouldn’t be fun to drive a Lamborghini if everyone had one. It’s only natural to derive all pleasure from a sense of superiority over others, and the cone lets me have that. I would never try to dominate you, though. Never. Because I can tell that you, specifically, are a very special person to whom the expected outcome would never happen.  

It’s your time to shine! Don’t hesitate, get on your computer right now and get some of your own cryptocurrency.  


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