The dog parks of Regina: a review

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Now both you and your best friend can get a workout

Carillon readers, for months now you have been reading articles based on sport athletes, coaches of teams, gym reviews, how to stay fit, and the list continues! Now these are all great, but we think there is someone else in your household that may want to have the chance to stay fit who can tag along with you: your dog at home! This week, the Carillon wants to take you along to the all-season dog parks of Regina and give you a review so that you know which park is best for your little (or big) puppy.

Dog parks can be lots of fun for both our animals and for us. It can create a great bonding experience and is a great way to get the energy out of your dog. If you are thinking of taking your dog to the dog park, it is important for their safety, yours, and those of others around that they’re well trained. Things to keep in mind are the dog knowing how to respond to its name, and being gentle with other dogs (if they like to play that is okay, just clarify with the other owners). This way your dog, other dogs, and you can have fun and be safe as well.

First up is Cathy Lauritsen Memorial Off-Leash Dog Park, located on 2110 Forget Street. The parking lot is on 13th Avenue, and you must go through two gates to enter the park. The city of Regina has enabled the off-leash option because you can walk up and enter one gate, close it behind you and let your dog off their leash, and then you open up the other gate to let them into the park. This system makes sure dogs (and people) aren’t able to accidentally run out onto the street.

This park is the biggest dog park in Regina, which gives lots of room for your dogs to stay active. It has a great deal of space that is ready for you to throw the ball to play fetch or just let your dogs run around and sniff. The dog park is surrounded by the Wascana Creek, which can be nice and refreshing in the summertime for your dog to take a nice dip. Keep in mind the fence there does not go around the creek, so if your dog crosses that creek it can be hard to get them back. Other than that, this park is a great one and has lots of space for you and your dog to run and have fun.

Second up is Ross Industrial Off-Leash Dog Park, located on 624 Solomon Crescent. This dog park does not have a parking lot, but there is space to park along the street.

Once you enter the dog park, it is fenced all the way around, which is nice. This park has a neat system as it is shaped like a dome. You and your dog can walk along the top, do laps along the fence line, or you can walk down the hill to the bottom and play there. This park has a good system which allows you to have options for you and your dog.

This last dog park was made not too long ago. It is the Mount Pleasant Sports Park, located on 750 North Winnipeg Street. This dog park is unique because it has a small dog park separate from a big dog park.

The small dog park is just that; nice and small for the little ones to run around with each other without having to fear the big dogs. The big dog park is right beside, and there is a fence between the two that splits them apart. Now, this one is not as big as the Cathy location but is still enjoyable. It has a nice walking path around the park, and the city is working on planting grass and bushes in the future.

Those are your three dog parks in Regina. Feel free to take your dog to enjoy with yourself. Remember, Carillon readers, to keep your dog and others safe by having them well trained and watching them while there. Now, grab a ball, your dog, and go have some fun together!


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