The Cure review

A food place so good our EIC went to check it out after reading this. The Cure website

The cure… to all your problems.

By Olivia Wiens

The Cure, although relatively quaint, is multifaceted and encompasses all the joys of music, food, and community. Personally, I have been to this restaurant, located at 2323 11th Ave, twice in my life: once to experience the music and the other to enjoy the food. Both experiences have left me with an immense sense of community as the wonderful food and energetic music filled my body. As I explain the delicate contrast between my two experiences, including the difference in atmosphere and sensations, the community that surrounds this restaurant will be extremely evident.  

My first experience was filled with blissful ignorance as I simply entered the building in hopes of meeting up with a friend. However, as soon as I stepped through the door, the loud, indistinct rock music emitting from the back of the joint and the vibration of people carelessly dancing flowed through my body. Just as well, my eyes were immediately drawn to the warm, cozy aesthetic of the establishment. Old books and rusting instruments lined the far wall, reminding me of my grandfather’s study. The contrast between the blaring live music and the peaceful corner filled with novels juxtaposed perfectly and allowed for a variety of activities to fit every person’s needs. Although there were multitude things to look at and enjoy in such a small area, I was not overwhelmed or constricted due to the proficient use of space. Rather, I was excited to experience all that I possibly could in one evening. 

After looking through the array of books and admiring the brass instruments, my friends and I wandered through a hallway that lead to the local band whom I regrettably forget the name of. This hallway, dimly lit and quite simple, almost acted as an enchanted passageway into another world. As we were led to an outdoor patio surrounded by a chain-link fence, the muffled noise became distinctive lyrics and the quaint bar transformed into an unbridled concert. A handful of drunks were jumping and dancing, spilling beer onto the cement, and attempting to sing along to the lyrics of an unknown song. This atmosphere, although unappealing and primitive from afar, exuded a sense of community when examined up-close. Drunk strangers linked arms and danced in a circle while tipsy bystanders shoved their friends into the crowd, furthering the communal chaos. The music, aesthetic, and ambience of The Cure made that evening one I will never forget.  

After the band concluded their set, a bottleneck formed into the enchanted passageway as this small community entered back into reality. However, while the rock band packed up their equipment, a talented DJ accompanied by a saxophonist soothed the stragglers. Although these two musicians aren’t normally paired together, this fusion created a relaxing, jazzy atmosphere that acted as the calm after the storm. As we sipped the last of our drinks, we began to hear a ringing in our ears caused by the prior chaos, a sign of a memorable night.  

The second of my two experiences was much more relaxed and food-oriented than the first. Although there was no live music or drunk dance circles, I was able to focus on the food and day-time environment. Upon entering the building, friendly faces welcomed us and flooded our minds with recommendations and daily specials without appearing pushy or scripted. 
The Cure’s menu is perfectly described as quality over quantity, as it is rather minimal, but compensates with exceptional flavour. Specifically, my friend and I shared the chicken enchiladas and the special: braised lamb with asparagus and corn on the cob. Both dishes were exceptional and beautifully plated, contributing to the entire aesthetic of the restaurant. While the enchiladas carried on a traditional style, they were decorated with guacamole, radishes, feta, and many other garnishes that gave a unique style to an otherwise plain dish. In addition, the braised lamb practically melted in our watering mouths. Eventually, I reluctantly exited the building with the desire to return and try every item on the menu. 

In my opinion, the food of any restaurant can be the epitome of garbage or fantastically gourmet as long as the atmosphere of the establishment is booming with positivity. Fortunately, The Cure has both palatable food and a joyous sense of community that has made my experiences worthwhile. This is truly a place where memories are made, as the friendly staff, versatile music, and cozy atmosphere create an evening that is hard to forget. 

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