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Hey all, well I hope you’ve enjoyed these major league breakdowns for the stretch that they’ve been happening, but it seems we’ve gotten to the point where most of the professional-level sports have now entered the draft, re-signing or trade phase of their league. Not to say that that isn’t interesting, but this isn’t going to be one of those sections where I analyze how the Toronto Maple Leafs acquiring a new defenceman is a 2 point benefit to their overall core as a team. If you’re looking for that type of thing, try YouTube or Reddit. Anywho, thanks for joining the ride if you were a part of it and here’s the (most likely) last Butterfield breakdown.


With the free agency signings going on in the NHL, there has definitely been some note-worthy moves being made by teams through the league:

As far as current signing’s go, on November 1, the Edmonton Oilers have brought in left-wing Dominik Kahun to the squad on a 1-year contract. Also, October 30 saw the arrival of defenceman Michael Hutchinson to the Toronto Maple Leafs, who’ll be playing on a two-year contract.

As far as other signings are concerned, they’ve all either been contract extensions or the re-acquiring of players. With that being said, that wraps up the NHL section.

Week 8 in the National Football League has come and gone, bringing another plethora of news with it. To start off, it was upsets galore this time around in the NFL. The Miami Dolphins new starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa got his first win of the season and career after taking down the Los Angeles Rams 28-17. Granted, the defence did most of the work on the Dolphins squad after creating four turnovers in the second quarter. Still, it’s great to see Tua with his first win. Also (on the subject of both new starters and upsets), Joe Burrow put up a dominant performance against the formerly beast-like Tennessee Titans, defeating them 31-20, putting the Bengals at 2-5-1 in one of the more difficult divisions of the NFL. The Minnesota Vikings somehow managed to upset the on-fire Green Bay Packers 28-22, and on Thursday, the Falcons brought in their second win of the season against what was a newly thriving Carolina Panthers team.

Moving away from upsets and to the “business as usual” section of the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers now move to 7-0 on the season, remaining perfect against the Baltimore Ravens. Speaking of perfection, no team in the league can have a more perfect record than the 0-8 New York Jets, who fell 35-9 against the Kansas City Chiefs. Can we all just agree that it’s been beautiful to watch this downfall? Anyway, the Seattle Seahawks put together another solid win for a 6-1 record on the year and Saints show the Bears true colours with a 26-23 win in overtime.

In other news, the Broncos put together an amazing drive to make the Los Angeles Chargers lose another “blown lead” style of game that only the Falcons and Chargers are known for. Finally, the Eagles pull ahead in the NFC East race with a record of 3-5-1 over a struggling Cowboys.


Well another sport is all wrapped up with the Los Angeles Dodgers putting together a stellar run and becoming World Series Champions. Winning against a dedicated Tampa Bay team, the Dodgers won the series 4-2. With this win, the MLB section of the breakdown will now be on hold until someone picks it up again (I can’t imagine that would be a likely scenario).

In another interesting development in the UFC world, famed fighter Anderson “The Spider” Silva has retired from the octagon. Silva retried the day after losing to Uriah Hall with a record of 34-11-0. As far as accomplishments go, Silva holds the record for longest title reign at 2,457 days, going from 2006 to 2013. Silva is described by many UFC and MMA personal as being one of the most talented fighters of all time.


The NBA season is over with the official champions being the Los Angeles Lakers. Teams will now look to continue developing in the offseason in order to make a run for the title next year (except for the New York Knicks, never again). This will occur as a result of the free agency and the approaching NBA draft that will take place on November 18, 2020. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed this rundown, fingers crossed that there was, once again, enough in it to hold your attention. I do my best to keep the news as relevant or ‘up and coming’ as possible but sometimes there can be things that end up being a bit stale given the timeframe. Regardless, it’s been a blast and if I think things are picking up again, I will be more than happy to bring back the breakdown.

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