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Week to week, league to league Ethan Butterfield

Week to week, league to league

Hey all, I’m back yet again with another sports update regarding the happenings of the various major leagues and whatnot. Another week has come and gone with its own set of twists and turns. Major developments are coming out of several areas making for good conversation. Whether it’s about the newly crowned World Series champions, the continuing developing landscape of the NFL, or the fast-approaching NBA draft, those interested can find the news just below:


With the free agency signings going on in the NHL, there have definitely been some noteworthy moves being made by teams.

As was covered in the last update, there was huge goaltender switch-a-roo as teams were signing the netminder’s left and right. Other notable signings include Taylor Hall, who is now a member of the Buffalo Sabres, former Bruin Torey Krug is now a part of the St. Louis Blues, and Veteran Patrick Marleau returning to the San Jose Sharks with a one-year contract. Marleau also has the potential of breaking a Gordie Howe record with this signing. The 41-year-old will be able to pass most career regular season games played by simply playing 45 games next season.

Moving to more recent signings, the Sabres picked up Sam Reinhart for a one-year contract, and the same can be said for the Toronto Maple Leafs as they acquired Travis Dermott. The Ottawa Senators have the most recent acquisition in Chris Tierney, signing him to a two-year contract.

With most of the big signings having already taken place, it seems like the NHL section of these updates will be on standby until next season.

Week 7 in the National Football League has come and gone, bringing another plethora of news with it. On the good end of the spectrum, the Pittsburgh Steelers are now the only team in the league to remain undefeated with an impressive 6-0 record. On the negative end of things, the New York Jets have now spiraled towards a dismal 0-7 season. With this current 0-7 record that the Jets have accumulated, and the rest of the games that they have coming up, the possibility of the infamous 0-16 record is very much within reach.

In other news, the Dallas Cowboys find themselves in a tough situation as they lose another quarterback in Andy Dalton after a disrespectful hit from Washington Football Team’s Jon Bostic caused a concussion. With that, rookie QB Ben DiNucci came in to provide relief in the eventual loss to Washington. Moving forward, The Cowboys have some options to fill the QB position. Ryan Fitzpatrick, who recently lost the starting position on the Miami Dolphins to Tua Tagovailoa, is probably one of the most likely candidates to head to Dallas.

As far as rapid-fire updates go, the Atlanta Falcons blew another winning opportunity against the Detroit Lions after failing to run the clock in the last minute of the game, Tampa Bay’s own Tom Brady put together a great winning game against Las Vegas with four touchdowns and 350 plus yards, the Cleveland Browns lost Odell Beckman Jr. for the season to an achilles injury, the Arizona Cardinals gained an impressive win over the Seattle Seahawks giving them their first loss of the season, and, lastly, the New England Patriots in their Tom Brady-less season have now dropped to 2-4 after their most recent lost to the 49ers.


It’s playoff time in Major League Baseball and we’re now down to the last two teams in the MLB championship, the Tampa Bay Rays will be taking on the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series in what is a startling case of deja vu with regards to these two cities competing for championships – the Tampa Bay Lightning being winners of the Stanley Cup, and the Los Angeles Lakers being winners of the NBA Championship. I suppose one city will have the honour of being a dual champion. Not a bad 2020 for them all things considered.

What is sure to be a concluding series by the release of this update, the Dodgers and the Rays currently (at the time of writing) stand at 3-2 in their World Series with the Dodgers leading the way. The next game, taking place on October 27, will likely see the Dodgers win the title at the end of the day, but as with anything in sports, anything can happen.

In an interesting development in the UFC world, famed fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov retired from the sport after defeating his opponent, Justin Gaethje, to defend his UFC Lightweight Championship. Khabib finished with a record of 29-0, which may be a bit odd since he didn’t go for a more rounded out 30 wins. That being said, it is what it is.


The NBA season is over with the official champions being the Los Angeles Lakers. Teams will now look to continue developing in the offseason in order to make a run for the title next year (except for the New York Knicks, never again). This will occur as a result of the free agency and the approaching NBA draft that will take place on November 18.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this rundown. Fingers crossed that there was, once again, enough in it to hold your attention. I do my best to keep the news as relevant or ‘up and coming’ as possible but sometimes there can be things that end up being a bit stale given the timeframe. Regardless, I look forward to continuing to bring you the major news of the major leagues from week to week.

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