The Bachelorette: Bachelor in Prairiedise

A date in the Mud Slut could be all Avery’s if she chooses Brett from Carlyle. Pixabay

The world’s most beloved dating show announces a prairie series

Stay calm, Bachelor Nation. There’s a brand-new season in a brand-new place on its way – and there’s brand-new love to be found! The Canadian prairies are getting their own Bachelor Franchise. Starting with the Bachelorette, get ready for a journey to love like no other.

Introducing Bachelorette Avery Walker! Avery is a 23-year-old hair stylist from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Avery’s a hopeless romantic but has never been in love. She can’t stand slow drivers, and she’s a Christmas fanatic. She’ll be meeting 30 guys from across the prairies, all hoping to become Avery’s fiancé.

Avery knows exactly what she’s looking for in a man: someone who’s kind and supports her in her endeavours, but can handle her spontaneity. She’s not like other girls, and she wants a man who can appreciate that.

But now, it’s time to meet some of the guys.

Brian, 30, from Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

Math is Brian’s best friend. Actually, math is Brian’s only friend, other than the few people who ask Brian to help them with math. Brian is currently a math teacher at the same high school he went to.

Kaleb, 27, from Regina, Saskatchewan

Kaleb’s only personality trait is the Fast and the Furious franchise. He refuses to watch any other movies. His favourite hobby is spinning doughnuts in empty parking lots. It’s also his only hobby. He works as a car mechanic.

Aiden B., 28, from Edmonton, Alberta

Aiden is a cool, down-to-earth guy, according to him. He doesn’t like when girls wear make-up, but if he catches you without any, he’ll make fun of how you look. And he hates when girls gossip. He wants a girl who’s fun and appreciates that Saturdays are for the boys.

David L., 24, from Medicine Hat, Alberta

David loves his mom. He calls his mom every single day. His mom will show up at his door if he doesn’t. His mom doesn’t like Avery because she’ll take her little boy away from her. David’s mom tried breaking into the Bachelor mansion to see her son. The director has a restraining order against David’s mom now. Will Avery like David’s mom?

Brett, 25, from Carlyle, Saskatchewan

Brett drives a jacked-up Dodge. He only goes to church on holidays but says he goes every week. He doesn’t actually drink any water, only beer. He’s banned from four Wal-Marts for unsavoury language and behaviour, but he refuses to go to any other grocery store. He’s racked up 14 speeding tickets in the last two months.

Aiden D., 24, from the Middle of Nowhere, Saskatchewan

Aiden D. grew up on his family’s farm taking care of cattle. He learned how to drive a car from driving tractors, and he learned toxic masculinity from his dad. He doesn’t have any pictures of himself without a fish or a beer. He says he plays the guitar, but really only knows the five chords needed to play “Wonderwall.”

David B., from North Battleford, Saskatchewan

David B. doesn’t have a job. He likes to drink all day and doesn’t care about your Instagram post or your keto diet. David thinks PDA is the same thing as romance. He’ll call out any guy who says they’re here for the “right reasons.” His only redeeming quality is, um… I’ll get back to you on that one.

Keegan, 23, from Regina, Saskatchewan

Keegan didn’t respond to several requests for information for a bio. After two weeks, he responded with “here for a good time, not a long time” and a picture of him and a fish.

And that’s just a sneak peek at some of the men vying for Avery’s heart on the first season of The Bachelorette: Bachelor in Prairiedise.


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