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Picton about to rip into a pass/ Arthur Ward

Picton about to rip into a pass/ Arthur Ward

Just part of the family business for Noah Picton

Author: michaela solomon – contributor

Earlier in the season, Ram’s backup QB Noah Picton was tossed into a game against the University of Alberta with only a moment’s notice. Finally able to put all his hard work on the field, Picton threw for three touchdowns, completing 28 of 36 passes.

Last week, the Carillon sat down with Picton to chat about the season, with the availability of starting QB Cayman Shutter still unknown for upcoming games, after a rib injury.

Picton starts off talking about his experience learning to play touch football under the guidance of his dad at age 7.

“Having my dad, who was the quarterback for the Rams at one point, was just like having a fulltime coach at home,” Says Picton.

Another huge help for Picton growing up was the company of his cousins and fellow teammates, Mitchell, Aaron, and Blake.

“Some people may think we get sick of each other, but we get to work on different elements of our relationships at home and also at practice. You always feel confident that they’ll have your back in the game when it’s someone you’re already close with.”

When asked about what it’s like to back up a huge position like QB, it seems that Picton knows what he’s gotten himself into.

“You always want to prepare like you’re starting. It’s important to stay level-headed, because when you get called upon, you want to be able to perform.”

So, when asked what went through his head when he realized he was going to have to step in for Shutter against the U of A, and how he’s preparing for possibly starting against the Huskies on Sept. 27, it was no surprise to us that Picton didn’t doubt himself in the least.

“The first play is a little nerve wracking, but then you get into the groove and just play the game you know how to play.”

Picton had only good things to say about former Rams QB Marc Mueller when asked about the person he looks up to the most in terms of sports. Picton finished last game with a completion percentage of 77.8, falling just short of Mueller’s 78.4 per cent in the 2012 season, leaving the two with the highest and second-highest single-game marks in Rams history.

“I started training with Marc when I was in grade eight.” says Picton. “He gave me the most stand out advice which was ‘Make your read, and let it rip’.”

Where does our aspiring quarterback hope to find himself 10 years down the road?

“I hope I finally have my degree,” explains Picton with a sarcastic tone. “I’ll potentially have a family of my own, nothing too out of the ordinary. I hope to stay in Regina; it’s a great city, especially for a young family.”

Aside from being heavy into football, Picton explains that he is well aware that the odds are against him when it comes to sports, and that his greatest hope for future success will come from hard work in the classroom.

Picton is currently an arts major hoping to apply to become a business major, focusing on finance.

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