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You take back what you said about the Blue Jays.

You take back what you said about the Blue Jays.

Sports writer Brady Lang makes MLB predictions

Article: Brady Lang – Sports Writer

[dropcaps round=”no”]A[/dropcaps]s the winter begins to wind down, the most anticipated day for baseball fans keeps getting closer.
 As an avid Boston Red Sox fan, this season really can’t come any sooner as last season’s “believe in the beard” World Series Championship is still extremely fresh in Red Sox fans minds. 
 Yet, as we get closer and closer – nine days and counting – here are a few loose predictions for the 2014 season:

1. The Jays will end up out of the post season for another year.

This one was the easiest and safest prediction on the list. The Jays just simply aren’t good enough to make it to the post season. Their offense has holes while their defence has even bigger holes – especially in the middle of the infield – and the team is extremely injury prone. The Jays will finish in 4th in the AL East.

2. The New York Yankees will be right with the Jays, while Baltimore will earn a playoff berth.

To continue talk on the AL East, the Yankees will finish in 5th in the division while the newly stocked up Orioles will end up in 2nd behind the Boston Red Sox. It will be a rough farewell for Derek Jeter, who will be retiring following this season.

3. Pittsburgh will win the NL pennant. 

After years of being the laughing stock of the Majors, the Pirates finally made the post season last year. But after being ousted in the National League Division Series against the eventual pennant winners, Pittsburgh is close and I believe they will be playing deep into November in 2014.

4. Clayton Kershaw wins his third Cy Young award. 

This wasn’t a hard prediction to make, Kershaw is the best pitcher in baseball and he will continue to hold that title in 2014. In the American League, Anibal Sanchez of the Detroit Tigers will end up with the award.

5. Detroit will be the biggest disappointment of the 2014 season.

After many years of being one of the best teams in the Majors, Detroit is due for a step back this season. I have a feeling injuries will hurt the squad and the loss of Prince Fielder will help a lot more than first expected. Third in the AL West while the Cleveland Indians take the division.

6. Both Los Angeles teams will make the postseason.

The Angels have been struggling in the past, but this season just feels right in L.A.. The Dodgers will continue their winning ways and win the NL West with the best record in the majors, yet they won’t be able to get to the World Series, losing in the National League Championship Series.

7. The Boston Red Sox will defend their World Series title and win their second consecutive Championship.

This was a no brainer in my opinion. The Sox kept their core around, for the most part, and their team chemistry is unmatched within the Majors. So, my seven predictions will come true for the 2014 season. Put your money on it and you won’t be disappointed, really.

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