Summer Solstice at the German Club

Just floating like a butterfly, baby. Sarah Nakonechny

Highlights from the German Club’s Second Annual Summer Solstice event

On June 25, 2022, the German Club located in Regina hosted their second annual Summer Solstice festival. This years’ event included traditional dancing and singing, a variety of vendors, along with traditional food and drink.

Regina’s German Club was formed in 1955, and the current gathering location for the German community opened in 1968 which is located on the 1700 block of St. John’s Street. Today, it is not just open for those who are a part of the German community, but for anyone from any background to come and experience the culture of Germany in the heart of our city. The club’s main objective is to promote the mutual understanding of German and Canadian cultures, and to promote other associations whose objectives are to further the German language, culture, traditions, and heritage.

Although the event was originally scheduled to take place in and around the German Club, with activities and entertainment available both indoors and outside, our weather had other plans for Saturday’s event. As Saskatchewan’s weather decided to be as spontaneous as always, the outdoor festivities were cancelled or moved indoors.

Upon entering the front doors to the club, you had the option of staying on the main floor or heading down to the basement. On the main floor, you could sit and watch the entertainment provided by the traditional dancers. There was a feature provided by one of the Ukrainian dance groups in the city, showcasing some of their senior male and female dancers. Following them were the female German dancers who began their performance with a well-known ribbon dance which involves various braiding sequences, after which they continued to their other prepared dance sequences.

 While the dancers were between sets, you could enjoy a wide variety of vendors that had settled around the outer edges of the main upstairs area. There, you could purchase different items from many of our local business. Some of these items included twisted chain jewellery, baby jumpers, and hand-carved signs. If all the upstairs excitement made you hungry, there were traditional food options to choose from: bratwurst and sauerkraut, roasted pig on a bun, and sides of coleslaw or potato salad. For those in need of something a little sweeter, they also had traditional cakes and pies available by the slice. You haven’t had cake ‘til you’ve had a real German cake.

Now, if all of this was not enough and you were still in the mood to enjoy some other festivities, you could find your way down to the basement of the club. Once you were down there, you could saddle up to the bar and enjoy a cold glass of beer or find your way to one of the tables to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. While enjoying your choice of refreshments, the clubs affiliated choral group accompanied by a piano could be heard serenading the sitting area.

Spending the afternoon enjoying the festivities allows for those in Regina and surrounding area to become more aware and appreciative of the German culture present in Regina. The Summer Solstice festival is a newer addition to the annual festivities that occur in Regina. As this is only their second annual presentation there are still many more additions that will continue to be made as the event grows in popularity. The Summer Solstice brings forth excitement for everyone as it acts as the official signal for longer, warmer days. This event provides an opportunity for celebration and allows for us to connect with the important meanings that the solstice has had for many different groups, and appreciate the good fortune that will come in the summer months.


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