Summer fun in the city

A shot of Wascana Lake, with the still waters of the lake and the Legislative Building visible at a distance.
A perfect spot to relax, maybe read. Just be careful about the geese. Photo credit: Haydn Blackey via Flickr

There’s plenty to enjoy in the prairies

As it is now April, a great majority of students are preparing for finals as the winter semester comes to an end. What are your plans after the finals? Are you unsure what you should do for the spring/summer term? Have you had the same routine for a few years now? Are you looking for advice as a first-year student? Do you want to hear what other students do? Well, look no further. I am going to reflect on my spring/summer terms over my years of university. I have been going to university for five years now and this will be my last spring/summer term! 

When it comes to the summer break, I have two major requirements for myself. I use the summer break as a time to work and gain money for my tuition, but also as a time to refresh and feel rejuvenated. As a personal reflection over my five years of post-secondary when it comes to summer, I have always spent the months of May to August working full time or close to full time. It gives me the time to work on my skills and get some funds towards my tuition for the upcoming school year.  

Should you take a summer class while you are working full time? For me, taking a spring class and working almost full time was the perfect combination because it gave me the chance to work, cram out one more class and get closer to graduating, and it works out well, keeping in my mind that I usually only take four classes per semester, so getting that extra class in really helps me out! Typically, when I take a class, I take it in the spring semester (May and June) and I take the summer (July and August) off just like in high school and elementary school. I use this time to work and refresh, take a break, and fully rejuvenate myself.  

Taking a break is good and quite honestly is much needed for all of us. I will share some of my personal favourite things to do in and around Regina. You can read this article now and come back to it in the summer for some great recreation ideas. Outdoor summer activities are my favourite go-tos when the sun is high and the weather is hot, such as going for a nice walk, hike, paddle boarding, or kayak fishing on the lake. These are some activities that you can do on your own or with a friend. Saskatchewan has lots of lake that you can choose from. I personally have a passion for paddle boarding, and nothing is better than laying down in the middle of the lake and looking up at the sky in silence. It is truly breathtaking and forms some of my favourite moments and memories of summer. You should really try it out if you can.  

If exploring the outdoors is not your thing, do not worry, I also have other suggestions. I love spending Saturday mornings at the farmer’s market and getting some personal goodies. It is a real treat, and honestly, you can just wander or you can look around and get yourself some nice fruit or homemade baked goods. After I have gathered some goodies, I love to go and get a new book. You can stop at the Regina Public Library downtown and find some good ones. Once you find what you are looking for, you can go to Wascana Lake and enjoy reading it by the water, or you can take the book home and read outside in the backyard. After reading a couple of chapters, I love making a good meal on the barbecue, because let’s be real, nothing is better than a nice grilled meal in the summer! You could also hit up an ice cream shop. Regina has plenty of ice cream shops in town that you can choose from. You can actually check my article from last summer to learn about all the different ice cream shops in Regina.  

That is what my summer looks like in a nutshell!  


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