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A photo depicts a University of Regina student residence against a dramatic blue, cloud-streaked sky.
Fire alarms and motion sensor lights aside, these buildings can provide a home away from home. lee lim

Can’t deny its convenience, but for some students it’s all about connection

The University of Regina (U of R) hosts many national and international students every year. A lot of the students seek housing on or near campus. U of R Housing Services provide a wide variety of options for residence on campus. The Carillon discusses some housing options available for students in this article and shares the experience of some students who have availed these facilities.  

Housing on campus can be very convenient for students, especially for international students who already must travel far away from not only their homes but also their countries. Living only a few minutes’ walk away from your classes and other university amenities certainly lessens some of the added stress that moving away from home may cause. The staff members at Housing Services are committed to make this transition smooth and easy to navigate. Members of their team are available on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist and support students. If students are away from campus and have questions, the staff members can also be contacted through email at  

Residence is available in Kīšik Towers, Paskwāw and Wakpá Towers, La Cité, College West, and Luther College. There are a variety of choices for dorms. Students can share the dorm with other students or opt for private rooms for themselves. Along with being a home during schooling, on-campus housing also becomes home to people from many different backgrounds where a wide variety of people with different interests and perspectives live and learn together. Students get to share their experiences, ideas, and interests with others while listening to what they have to say as well. It’s a rewarding opportunity to learn about other cultures and backgrounds while sharing their own. Getting to know people from various backgrounds is an important part of university experience.  

Shreya Patel, a final-year Business student at the U of R, believes that living on campus was the best decision she made. “I am about to graduate and the friends and connections I have made while living on campus are some that I will carry through my life,” she said.  

The application process is straightforward as well. “I have been living on campus for about two months and it has been a great experience. The application process was very simple and the staff was very helpful with the application,” said Adam Wood, a second-year Philosophy, Politics, and Economics student. Applications can be made online on the Housing Services website and are available for U of R undergraduate and graduate students, English as a Second Language students, exchange students, international students, Saskatchewan Polytechnic students, and University of Saskatchewan students in partnered programs, as well as all other Saskatchewan post-secondary students.  

Housing Services offers housing scholarships as well for both international and domestic students. Meal plans are also available to choose from. All in all, U of R appears to have a lot to offer in terms of accommodations on campus for both new and continuing students.   


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