Student awards a success story for Singh

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​​”In my dreams I have a plan // If I got me a wealthy [SAMS]...” - ABBA[llister] lee lim

Entrance awards applications still open for new students, spring continuing awards opening soon

With a month of the winter semester already complete at the University of Regina (U of R), the campus is abuzz with activity. Fresh faces are navigating their way through campus life, acquainting themselves with courses, and forging connections, while returning students are fully immersed in their academic pursuits. Amidst the myriad of orientations, syllabus reviews, and club registrations, the reality of tuition fees looms above all.  

The university’s Student Awards Management System (SAMS) stands as a beacon of opportunity, offering financial support and academic recognition to domestic and international students at the U of R. The U of R scholarships housed in the management system serve as a support for students by offering a comprehensive range of financial aid options that cater to the U of R’s diverse student body.  

To apply for awards students must first create an account by visiting or emailing Once all required information is submitted, students can utilize the platform by selecting ‘’Awards currently accepting applications,’’ using the filters, and searching for awards that match their eligibility criteria. Some awards are program-specific, while others are open to all students.  

To apply for a scholarship, navigate to ‘’View my application’’ to fill out the required information. Be cautious not to submit applications until supporting documents such as a personal statement, financial disclosure, and references are attached.  

The Circle of Scholars is one of many scholarships found in SAMS. The award is one of the U of R’s signature automatic entrance scholarships, presented annually to the top-performing high school graduates from 10 regions across Canada and three regions from around the world who have applied to study at the U of R. Each scholarship is worth up to $20,000. $5,000 is given in the first year of studies, and the scholarship is renewable for three additional years based on the students’ maintenance of excellent academic standing.  

The Carillon spoke with first-year computer science student Satyam Singh, one recipient of the award. Singh is among 35 U of R undergraduate students who received Circle of Scholars scholarships for the 2020-21 academic year. He emphasizes the significance of this scholarship in shaping his academic journey and career aspirations.  

“As an international student, we already pay a lot more than domestic students, and on top of it I wanted to do a lot of different activities, work full-time as a software developer, and explore various opportunities. It is a bit difficult to do so when we are living off-campus because we have to commute in harsh weather,” Singh explained.  

Living on campus, which was facilitated in part by the UR Circle of Scholars award, proved to be a game changer for Satyam Singh. He highlighted the convenience of having university facilities within a short distance, allowing him to engage in campus life. 

Reflecting on the aspects of the UR Circle of Scholars Scholarship application, he says “The university’s UR Circle of Scholars Scholarship, providing $5,000 annually, proved to be a significant contribution towards my fees. Since I arrived in the fall, I was automatically eligible, eliminating the need for a separate application.” 

Singh goes on to say that his executive activities, work experience, and participation in various events before university, along with his outstanding academic ranking in his home country, were key elements that made his application stand out. “Those were things that helped me to achieve it and on top of it, even before I came to university, I was part of one of the most active clubs for CS students over at the [U of R],” Singh explained. 

Given the competitive nature of scholarships, the importance of applying early cannot be understated. If you’re unsure about any part of the process, the Student Awards and Financial Aids Office, located in the Administration-Humanities Building at Room 108, is your go-to place. They offer workshops to guide students on how to write a compelling personal statement and address any other application-related issues.   

For prospective students seeking to apply for future scholarships, the Fall 2024 entrance awards deadline is Mar 15, 2024. The deadline for winter continuing awards has passed, but spring applications will open on May 1. 


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