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“Don’t you ever talk about the best, Michael Chmielewski!”/Keith Allison

“Don’t you ever talk about the best, Michael Chmielewski!”/Keith Allison

The boys talk basketball and their favourite hilarious athlete quotes

Author: Harrison Brooks, Matt Wincherauk, Michael Chmielewski, Brady Lang, John Loeppky

  1. The Cougars women’s basketball team managed to sweep their opponents and are off to the quarterfinals. How far is this team going to go?

Brooks: This team is good, and they have the talent to make a run this year, but anything can happen in the playoffs, so we will just have to wait and see.

Wincherauk: Canada West champions. Why not? This team has finally hit their stride, and are rolling after stomping Fraser Valley in two games last week.

Chmielewski: I have a good feeling that they’ll go all the way. As I always say, it doesn’t matter how the season went, it only matters that you made it. After that, it’s a level playing field, so here’s hoping!

Lang: In the playoffs, let’s be honest, anything can happen. It would be nice to see a Cinderella-style finish for these girls though!

Loeppky: I think the team is in tough against the highly ranked UBC Thunderbirds, but if they can sneak past them then they will have proved themselves as a legitimate contender for the Canada West championship title.


  1. On the ice, the Cougars suffered a heartbreaking game three loss to Manitoba, after they tied the game with one second left in regulation. Was this season a success for the girls?

Brooks: I think so. Making the playoffs is what teams set out to do, so that makes their year a success. As I said for the last question, anything can happen in the playoffs, so the first goal is always to just make it there.

Wincherauk: I’m 50/50 on this one. They made it far despite the injuries they suffered, but considering all the hype around them at the start of their season, they definitely didn’t go as far as they could’ve.

Chmielewski: It always feels rough to end the year like this, but honestly, they played so well and came so close to winning the game, scoring in the last second to force overtime. They should feel proud.

Lang: For the amount of injuries this team has suffered and the players they lost in the offseason, this year was a success in my opinion. They were streaky and it sucked seeing them being knocked out so early, but this team did well.

Loeppky: I think anytime you go out in the first round of the playoffs, especially after the team’s resounding success last season, there is a sense that the season may not have been all that was desired. With that being said, with the kind of roller coaster ride the girls have been on this season, I think the first round is still something to celebrate and build upon.


  1. The 63rd annual LIT happened over the Reading Week break, and it’s one of Regina’s biggest local sporting events. What’s your favourite local event to attend?

Brooks: Red Sox in the summer, just chilling out there, taking in some cosmic rays, brewski in one hand, beautiful babe in the other, and watching some baseball, it doesn’t get much better.

Wincherauk: Aside from LIT, definitely a Red Sox game. Baseball isn’t super popular in Regina, but the Red Sox have become a Regina staple with their excellent play. They even got Seahawks punter Jon Ryan to hang out last season!

Chmielewski: The final roller derby match of the year! Pile of Bones Roller Derby is always entertaining, especially the last and hard-hitting game of the year.

Lang: The Labour Day Classic. Without question, this game is the most hyped of the year. It has become a tradition and a great send off to summer. My favourite part of this event is basically knowing this game is ours every season.

Loeppky: Maybe it’s because I live in residence, but I love the U of R’s events. I am a basketball junky and so getting to see the ‘Cougs’ in action is always a highlight. Carillon readers: please enlighten me as to where I should watch people hoop next.


  1. The Riders brought in Kevin Glenn last week to be Darian Durant’s backup. Is this a wise move by the Riders, or are we doomed again if Durant goes down?


Brooks: Great move to bring in an experienced backup. Glenn has never been the guy you can count on in big games or trying to comeback, but he is a good quarterback who can fill in for Durant for a few games a year.

Wincherauk: Our backup quarterback situation was pretty pathetic last season, so just about anyone would be an upgrade. I was hoping for Henry Burris just to see the reactions Riders would have, but I’ll settle for Glenn.

Chmielewski: CFL Legend Tino Sunseri for sure. That man is going to go down in the record books for sure.

Lang: Great move. A proven player with roots with the Riders. He obviously wanted to come back, and I feel as if Darian doesn’t need to be rushed back. Durant tore a tendon in his freakin’ throwing arm, he won’t be at full strength for a while, that’s for sure.

Loeppky: Glenn has proven himself to be a successful backup and a capable starter. Durant isn’t the youngest of quarterbacks and even an older player like Glenn is an upgrade on the merry-go-round of second stringers the Riders have been fielding over the last few seasons.


  1. Kevin Durant has been blowing up on the media for the past few weeks, seemingly out of nowhere. What’s your favourite media-athlete fiery interaction?

Brooks: “We talking about practice man. Not a game, not a game, not a game, that I’d go out there and die for. We talking about practice man!” – Allen Iverson

Wincherauk: For me, it’s a personal favourite of mine and Business Manager Shaadie from former 49ers coach Mike Singletary, “Cannot play with ‘em. Cannot win with ‘em. Cannot coach with ‘em. Can’t do it.”

Chmielewski: Richard Sherman. Wait, is he the best cornerback in the game?

Lang: John Tortorella and New York Times beat writer Larry Brooks – otherwise known as Brooksie – have had it out for each other for a while and every time they would get into it, it just got funnier and funnier.

Loeppky: We talkin’ ‘bout a question. Not an article, not an article, not the articles that I got here and I die for. I’m supposed to be a franchise writer and we in here talkin’ about a roundtable question. It has to be Allen Iverson and the Philadelphia media for me.

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