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“Go football!”/BorgQueen

“Go football!”/BorgQueen

Aaron Rodgers tried to send me his answers but they got intercepted too

Kyle Leitch, Harrison Brooks, Brady Lang, John Loeppky, Matt Wincherauk – Carillon Expert Predictors

  1. Super Bowl time! Although we’re still two weeks away from this thing going down, who’s your early pick to win it all?

Leitch: As the Patriots rack up an unheard of 105 point score, Richard Sherman will take off in his MI-6 issued jetpack, break off the Space Needle, and obliterate Tom Brady and company with it. Final score: 105 – Space Needle for the Seahawks.

Brooks: The way the Seahawks came back in their championship game, how can you not expect them to find a way to win the biggest game of the year.

Lang: Well, I can’t really, in good sense, pick that team with those ugly green and blue jerseys, being the loyal Niners fan that I am, so I’ll go back on my Chirps at MattyWin and pick his man crush Monday everyday Tom Brady. *Side note* Matt Wincherauk does wish he had the life of Gisele.

Loeppky: Advertisers, bookies, and Katy Perry fans. Oh, and the Seahawks because they will win. I believe in Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch, Russell Wilson, and the solid defense of the boys from the state of Washington. Also, I’d love to see Belichick cry so much that he has to wring out his shitty hoodie and use his tears for shower water.

Wincherauk: I am beyond nervous for this. On one hand, eventually you think the Patriots have to win another with all their chances, but the Seahawks seemed like they were trying to lose to the Packers… and still won. I’ll go tentatively with the Seahawks, but reserve the right to constantly flip-flop on this issue.


  1. Our women’s basketball team is fighting for a home playoff game. Can you see the girls playing at home this coming spring?

Leitch: I can see them play anywhere I want on Access 7. So…I guess I don’t really care.

Brooks: I can see it. I got out to a couple games this year and they looked good on both sides of the ball, putting up solid offence while successfully quieting other teams top players.

Lang: Of course I can. The team has always been strong with great coaching. I can’t see this team in any other position.

Loeppky: I sure can. They are 19-8, and, despite a tough couple of losses to the U of S, the team is still in a solid position to make a playoff push. The team consistently performs well, so I see no reason why they can’t do so again.

Wincherauk: I certainly hope so. The girls basketball team is among the few really exciting and really good teams at the U of R. Hopefully they can get a start on a solid playoff run at home.


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  1. UFC Middleweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones tested positive for cocaine after successfully defending his title. How should the UFC handle this situation, and what should happen to Jones and his championship?

Leitch: Nothing is going to happen to Jones, title, record, or otherwise. Cocaine would be more liable to make Jones’ heart explode than to enhance his fighting abilities. I hope rehab goes well for him.

Brooks: If cocaine is viewed as a performance enhancer then his championship should be revoked, if not then what can they do about it other than fines and suspensions.

Lang: Suspend him. That’s it. The UFC kinda shit the sheets on this one by not testing BEFORE his match. This was something the UFC screwed up on.

Loeppky: Does anyone really think that the cocaine was performance enhancing? Last time I checked, tweaking out doesn’t make you a better fighter; it makes you a great impressionist of an electric chair victim. On a side note, how bad does Daniel Cormier feel right now? He lost and the guy was likely high as a kite.

Wincherauk: I can’t possibly see cocaine being viewed as a performance enhancer, so nothing should happen to his title or record, but this will hang over his head for awhile, especially being the UFC’s poster boy.


  1. Losing can be heartbreaking. Any good advice for Packers and Colts fans after missing out on a chance to go to the Super Bowl?

Leitch: Football season is over. No more games, no more fun, et cetera.

Brooks: Advice for Packers: 1. Catch that ball. 2. Knock that ball down. They’ll know what I mean. As for the Colts: Just keep at it, you’ll get there.

Lang: Aaron Rodgers, you’ll be back. Just get healthy, Andrew Luck, you have a bright future ahead of you. These two teams will be back, you can guaran-ass-tee that prediction.

Loeppky: Cheer like hell for the team that beat your own  and console yourself by remembering that at least you aren’t an Eagles fan. Then, if all else fails, drink until all you’re worried about is how you’re getting home and how over-priced that pitcher you bought was.

Wincherauk: I know how to deal with heartbreak people. I suffered through the Red Sox in all their futility for many years. The Packers and Colts fans have a lot to be happy about because one has Aaron Rodgers and the other Andrew Luck. You’ll be fine.


  1. When a player nears the end of his career, the question of legacy always comes up. With how he could be going out, how will you remember NFL legend Peyton Manning? 

Leitch: The memes surrounding last year’s Super Bowl. My personal favourite: “Not since the OJ chase has America been so disappointed by a slow, white Bronco.” Stay classy, Internet.

Brooks: Peyton Manning is one of the best ever and he will be remembered that way.

Lang: The most consistent Regular Season performer in NFL history. Postseason though, that’s a different story…

Loeppky: I think that whenever a star begins to decline, there is this compulsion in the media to decide on a certain player’s legacy far too soon. It’s like we are planning his funeral and he isn’t even dead yet. With that being said, I will always remember Peyton for representing Indy so well for all those years, chucking so many touchdowns Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne, and endless playoff flameouts.

Wincherauk: For being such a thorn in the side of the Patriots for so many years, he isn’t even the most annoying in his family. I will remember Peyton for always somehow being behind Eli in everything that matters, despite how great he was.

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