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Brees couldn’t have taken a more adorable picture with his son/Ian Ransley

Brees couldn’t have taken a more adorable picture with his son/Ian Ransley

This week’s Top Five: The NFL’s “Good Guy” Twitter Accounts

Author: suzanne barber – sports writer

In the NFL, social media is an unsung hero.


These last few weeks, from Ray Rice to Adrian Peterson to Roger Goodell, the NFL has been a failure. However, as I followed each story, I began to wonder how many times something like this has been successfully swept under the rug. I’m very thankful of social media for one basic reason: transparency.

For sports fans, social media is an excellent tool. We can follow live tweets when we can’t catch the game, follow our favourite players, and best of all, we can stay informed. However, what goes more unnoticed with this tool, is its ability to highlight the good and bad of the NFL; it allows the good guys to shine.


Here’s the top 5 “Good Guys” of the NFL on Social Media:


Russell Wilson

QB, Seattle Seahawks

Handle: @DangeRussWilson

Followers: 879.3K


This defending Super Bowl champion is as awesome on the field as he is off. His feeds are filled with positive statements that frequently include exclamation marks, photos of his visits to the Seattle Children’s Hospital and photos of family and his dogs. After Sunday’s OT win against Denver, Wilson posted a photo of Peyton Manning with the caption “What a battle today against one of the best of all time. True honour to play against you Peyton.”


Charles Tillman,

CB, Chicago Bears

Handle: @peanuttillman

Followers: 145.1K


Last season, Tillman was the “Walter Payton Man of the Year” and for good reason. Although he admits he’s the face of his Cornerstone Foundation, he frequently highlights unsung heroes. On his accounts, you will find retweets from fans and organizations and many shout-outs and thank-yous. What’s more is that his thank-yous are sincere; he’s heavily invested in his foundation as his daughter suffers from a heart muscle disease. He emotionally dedicated his Man of the Year award to five sick children who passed away. This guy has heart.


Drew Brees,

QB, New Orleans Saints

Handle: @drewbrees

Followers: 1.9M


Who doesn’t love an underdog? Brees is a positive, grounded guy and a champion of his city. His social media reflects the down to earth, family man he is. In fact, if you weren’t an NFL fan and he didn’t include #whodat on his posts, you likely wouldn’t guess he is a celebrity. His feed includes pictures of him playing in the pool with his kids, his three boys in PJs and diapers eating ice cream and photos of his new daughter in the hospital. He’s an underdog and one of the best in the NFL, but he’s also a proud dad.


JJ Watt

DE, Houston Texans

Handle: @JJWatt

Followers: 471K


Watt is one of the most well known players in the NFL and frequently called one of the best defensive players in the league. Watt is aware of his profile however, and acts a role model. His social media reflects his drive and motivation, highlighting not only his passion for football, but also his passion to give back. The JJ Watt Foundation provides funding for after school athletic programs to help teach kids if they Dream Big and Work Hard (#DBWH), anything is possible.


Larry Fitzgerald

WR, Arizona Cardinals

Handle: @LarryFitzgerald

Followers: 1.86M


The undefeated Cardinals definitely have one of the good guys. Fitzgerald has huge reach with nearly two million Twitter followers. His social media focuses on football, fans and other people doing awesome things. On Aug. 8, Fitz tweeted about Little League superstar Mo’ne Davis (the first girl to pitch a shutout in Little League World Series history) saying, “ Mo-Ne Davis is L E G I T!! Honorary leader of the #DeadCrew…#LLWS”


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