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author: mason sliva | a&c editor

Edmonton metalheads Striker discuss their fifth album and touring

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Adam Brown, the drummer for Edmonton metal band Striker. The band is currently on tour promoting their fifth full-length album, Striker. The interview is as follows:

Can you tell me a bit more about your group?

AB: We are Striker, from Edmonton, Alberta. I guess the band was formed around 2007, our first EP was in 2009, and we just released our fifth studio album this February. We actually just got our old guitar player back; he was out of the lineup for three years, and I guess he got bored of life. It’s nice to have him back.

What are some of the main influences for the group?

AB: Our big influences would be Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. A lot of the writing is pretty inspired by thrash and hair metal. A lot of hair metal.

How has Edmonton helped the group to develop?

AB: Edmonton is amazing for us. As all bands, I think we grew, and the scene has come together. There are other bands like Mortillery or Chaos that have gone on to tour. We’re actually very supported by the local government. The Edmonton Arts Council has been a pretty big funder of some of our tours and albums. We won the Edmonton Music Award for Heavy Metal three years in a row now.

How does the song writing process work? Has that changed with the newest release?

AB: It’s mostly stayed the same. Our singer, Dan, writes most of our stuff. Tim, our other guitar player, has started to write more. The process is the same, Dan will write some riffs and then put fake drums on it. I clean up the drums and make it more humid, not sound like a fricken machine.

What has touring been like for the group?

AB: We’ve started to tour a lot more in the United States. We just played our first show in New York City and we’re going to be downtown LA at the Whiskey A-Go Go. We always love Germany, Hamburg is probably our best spot in Europe. Or in Spain, we do really well in Barcelona and Madrid. We’ve got lots of spots.

What are some of the recurring themes behind the group’s songs?

AB: A lot of it is based on staying true to who you are. There is a lot of pressure from society on how you should live your life, and it’s just saying you don’t have to do that. You can be in a metal band, you can do it. You’ll eat McDonald’s every day, but you can fucking do it. There you have it folks. For more information about the group, or their releases, visit striker-metal.com/band.

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