Shits and giggles


Shooting the Shit takes a look at Regina’s cultural figures

Ethan Stein

Shooting the Shit is less a talk show in a campus bar and more a lightning rod for Regina’s culture. For the unaware, Shooting the Shit is a show hosted by Journalism student Austin Davis at the Lazy Owl. Shows consist of Austin interviewing familiar faces in Regina’s music and culture scenes. Guests have included the likes of former mayor Pat Fiacco, Nick Faye, Danny Kresnyak, and tornado chaser Greg Johnson. No matter who appears on Shooting the Shit, the show provides a good point of entry into the less-explored corners of Regina culture.

Davis cultivates a communal atmosphere by personally welcoming every attendee to the show and engaging in occasional banter with the audience. The show uses a format that resembles a late night talk show; Davis opens with a monologue about current events and humorous observations before interviewing his guests.

The show I attended featured singer/songwriter/bouncer “Tiny” Matchett (a familiar face to regulars at O’Hanlon’s) telling stories of his tenure at the bar as well as his foray into music. The memory that sticks out to me is “Tiny” discussing the scars on his forehead (incurred from headbutting and bar skirmishes) that he labels his “wall of shame.” After the interview Matchett performed some of his songs.

The show also featured performer Casey Wood who specializes in a performance known as “contact juggling” which consists of juggling balls while using slight of hand to manipulate the audience’s perception. Some readers may recognize Wood from his performances in the pit at the AdHum building. Davis asked for a definition, but only a demonstration sufficed in presenting contact juggling.

The show also featured the audience participating in musical chairs onstage – that incorporated drinking of course – and a breakdown of the differences between Regina and Saskatoon from Journalism student/CBC correspondent Peter Mills.

Earlier I mentioned that Shooting the Shit resembled a late night talk show. I feel that the show goes beyond this format, however. Not only does Davis exchange banter with the audience, but everyone – host, guest, audience – takes a drink every time someone swears on stage; this is the rule of Shooting the Shit. This rule is more than a simple addition to the show; it provides something for everyone to participate and share in. Between everyone drinking for every swear and the audience interaction, Shooting the Shit is symbiotic. Davis ensures that audience participation is an essential element in the show, and as a result the audience becomes deeply involved in the proceedings, voicing their opinions and offering performance requests for the host and the guest. Always thankful to those who come to the show, Davis acts almost as a mutual friend introducing his audience to figures in the city’s cultural scene.

The next show is scheduled for Jan. 22. If you want to learn about local culture and art, start with Shooting the Shit and go from there.

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