Seventy-one student-athletes named Academic All-Canadians


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Balls and books both celebrated

Seventy-one University of Regina student athletes who took part in the 2016-17 season have recently been named as Academic All-Canadians. These students received recognition for achieving at least an 80 per cent average in their academic pursuits while playing for one of the University of Regina’s teams. Of the current number of athletes across the 2017-18 season , 71 of the 395 athletes who call the University of Regina home, nearly 18 per cent have concentrated on their academic careers enough to be named among the Academic All-Canadians.

The achievement of high grades for student athletes is an important aspect of the athletic image of the University of Regina, because the school itself must show that the athletes who play for the school in their franchises are still students enrolled in this institution who must operate within the curriculum that they are provided.

The University of Regina prioritizes the education of their students and must show this through presenting the recognition for the hard work of their athletes, showing the University of Regina as a respectable institution.

The Academic All-Canadian awards are awarded to the athletes by U SPORTS at the end of each season to recognize the commitment that student athletes have for their studies.

The high number of students recognized in the 2016-17 season marks the second-highest year for students of the University of Regina to be named Academic All-Canadians, second only to the year prior where 78 students were named as part of the All-Canadians.

The players included in being recognized as Academic All-Canadians, categorized by team, are: Men’s Basketball: Brandon Buttazoni, Benjamin Hillis, Samuel Hillis.

Women’s Basketball: Ainsley MacIntyre, Christina McCusker, Avery Pearce.

Rams Football: Roe Borgmann, Joey Dwyer, Dilan Elgert, Zack McEachern, Adam Rask, Alex Rorke, Mason Rossler, Ryan Schienbein, Daniel Scraper, Jordan Wyonzek.

Men’s Hockey: Tristan Frei, Mitch Kilgore, Isaac Schacher.

Women’s Hockey: Bailey Braden, Sarah Hornoi, Jolene Kirkpatrick, Jaycee Magwood, Tamara McVannel, Krista Metz.

Women’s Soccer: Olivia Bolen, Jet Davies, Taeganne Galger, Shayla Kapila, Sienne Krynowsky, Racquel Marshall, Kacey McFee, Meghan McFee, Sarah Moroziuk, Lauren Petras, Rachel Taylor, Karlee Vorrieter.

Men’s Swimming: Marcell Madar, Noah Wasyliw.

Women’s Swimming: Meghan Edwards, Lexy King, Eva Madar.

Men’s Track & Field: Carter Howe, Mason Lanigan, Quinn Legare, Shawn McLean, Adam Strueby, Taylor Teckchandani.

Women’s Track & Field: Joy Becker, Elizabeth Chernick, Kaytlyn Criddle, Anneliese Davis, Darbi Edwards, Danielle Major, Hillary Mehlhorn, Erika Stockhorst.

Men’s Volleyball: Matthew Aubrey, Michael Corrigan, Nathan Wiggins, Dalton Wolfe.

Women’s Volleyball: Kirstin Greve, Ashlee Sandiford, Molly Wade-Cummings, Haley Wagar.

Men’s Wrestling: Waylon Decoteau, Lucas Hoffert, Jordan Tholl.

Women’s Wrestling: Sena Debia, Inga Hammer, Tina Trombley, Maeghan Wild.


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