Saskatchewan Day weekend plan ideas

A group of 12 people sit in a valley on wooden stools around a fire surrounded by rocks to keep the fire from spreading; some people are mostly hidden by others aside from parts of their heads. There are trees, a blue van, and a canvas-topped shelter in the midground. There are mountains in the background with visible strata.
Time with friends and family is what makes any summer. StockSnap via Pixabay

Got any plans? No? We’ve got you covered!

August long weekend is quickly approaching, and I wanted to take some time to tell you about all the events that are happening in and around Regina, Saskatchewan to help you celebrate Saskatchewan Day on August 7! Now, before we get into looking at all the cool things you could be doing to celebrate Saskatchewan Day, let’s look at the history and what this day means.  

A few of you may know Saskatchewan Day as a civic holiday. What does that mean, you may ask? A cool fact about civic holidays is that they are to celebrate the history and significant people inside of each province, with differing names across the country. As for how to spend the long weekend? A few small events  in Regina that may be fun can be recognizable local things to check out, and physical activities with those you choose. 

One of my favourite events in the city that happens during the summer which I  wish I went to more often are the Farmers’ Markets. Maybe this will motivate you to go and check it out for me! There is the classic Regina Farmers’ Market at Victoria Park downtown. If you check it out you may come across the following items in the market: fresh vegetables and fruits, homemade baked goods, fresh canned jam, unique jewelry, clothes, or even home decorations. None of these items are a guarantee but it is what I have seen in the past at farmers’ markets. 

Would you rather take some time in the outdoors with your family and friends and be active? Well, did you know that National Disc Golf Day takes place on August 5? This makes for a perfect chance to learn a new sport or to get your family and friends together to have a round or two of the game. To get you started, one field in the city is Douglas Park with 18 holes if you would like to stay in the city and play. There are also campgrounds that have made fields that may be perfect if you are out camping during the long weekend. To name a few, there are Buffalo Pound’s Maple Vale and Blue-Sky Valley, Katepwa Beach, and Moose Mountain.  Just outside the city, Lumsden plays host to a field of its own in Lion’s Park. You can make it a whole event and go play a round of disc golf, and then possibly hit up the Snack Shack or hang around for a sit-in dinner at one of Lumsden’s many restaurants! 

Now, if you are one that likes to head out of the city and maybe wants to travel the province on Saskatchewan Day, I found some great events for you too. You can explore some culture, take a dip in the lake, go camping, hiking, and more. 

A very cool original event that I discovered is the “Jamaican Independence Day and Saskatchewan Day Celebration,” giving people the chance to “Experience the real Jamaican vibe.” Just by the headline, I know I am already interested. This event takes place at York Lake, and what better way to spend the long weekend than at the lake? This event gives you the chance to step into culture. You will get the chance to spend the day in the sun, dance to some music, and try some Jamaican food. They will have events for all members of the family so everyone could have fun! I admire this event. it seems like a great way to see things you may have never seen before, try some new foods, socialize with others, and possibly make some friends with neighbours we already share space with in the province. Go and join others at this event and try some amazing food and take a step into the culture. 

Speaking of heading out of the city, why don’t you pack up the car and go camping? The long weekend is a great time to set up camp before the season comes to an end. Just grab some of the essentials and you can have a good time. I found a few extracurricular events you can check out while you are camping! One to start where everyone can have fun are floating obstacle courses known as the “Aquatic Adventures.” These are honestly a great addition to the lake and campsites that make it fun for kids, young adults, and maybe even adults can go on and have fun with their kids. Go and check out these floatable obstacle courses where you can run, jump, and slide all around, and if you fall off the structure you’re only falling into the water. These aquatic adventures and parks are located at Candle Lake, Blackstrap, Duck Mountain, Greenwater, and more. 

The Aquatic Adventures and disk golf are not the only ways you can stay active this long weekend. You could give hiking a try and, don’t worry, none of the hikes you pick have to be super adventurous. They can just be a nice walk and a stroll in the outdoors. A few classic ones near Regina are Wascana Trails, White Butte Trails, and Nicolle Flats. Hiking is an easy activity you can do with your family, friends, and significant other. You can pack a little picnic and some goodies and make it fun, cute, and memorable. 

Well, there it is! I found you some great events, and I am sure more will be promoted on social media closer to the weekend. If you want to find more events that are not listed here, try and check out Facebook, Eventbrite, and newsstands around Wascana Lake. August long weekend is a great time, so make sure you try to check out some of these events. 


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