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Collect as many eggs as you can! Lee Lim

Learn how to help create accessibility in Saskatchewan

Founded in 1950, SaskAbilities is an organization that works to help and create communities that are inclusive for everyone of all abilities. They work to help people by providing and finding programs and services. The history of SaskAbilities is one to remember, and it will be discussed briefly here, but you can find more in-depth history on their website.  

The story of SaskAbilities started in 1950, and their website claims that “families of children with cerebral palsy believed there could be better education, treatment and services for their children and others like them.” As the organization worked and the council moved forward, they became known as the Saskatchewan Abilities Council. Years later, the organization now works to offer individuals opportunities that they were not always given. They continue to strive for quality of life, diverse services, and experiences for people with disabilities.  

Now that you know some history of SaskAbilities, let me explain why we are talking about SaskAbilities. SaskAbilties holds a fundraiser that takes place from March 13 to April 30 known as the Paper Egg (unstoppABLE) campaign. This is a fundraiser and campaign that takes place in participating businesses around Canada to help collect donations and make a positive difference in communities.  

The Carillon spoke with Donna Mouflier who is the fundraising specialist for SaskAbilities at the Regina location. Mouflier helps people understand the history, its importance, and why this specific fundraiser is essential to the Regina community.  

Based on what was discussed with Mouflier, the fundraiser was originally created by Easter Seals Canada. It is a Canadian-wide campaign that takes place in different provinces around Canada. It used to have significance correlating with Easter, although over the years it has shifted away and is now known as the Paper Egg campaign.  

“Each spring our Easter Seal retail partners in cities and towns will encourage their customers to donate to Easter Seals at their store and checkout counters. In return for a donation, they will receive a paper egg to write their name on it and that paper egg gets displayed in the store to again further promote this worthy cause.” If you are looking to find a paper egg near you, you can find them at Smitty’s, Booster Juice, Northgate Mall, Victoria Square Mall, and other participating grocery stores and restaurants.  

Let’s learn a bit about the history of the campaign, what you can look forward to, and how this benefits Regina and surrounding communities. In the past, the Paper Egg campaign used to play a highlight in the community for the Easter season, celebrating the holiday spirit and adding some colour to your grocery stores and local markets. In the past, the paper eggs that you could buy for a charitable donation used to be very Easter-themed. You could buy an easter egg back in the day that was blank, and you got the chance to colour it in, make it your own, and add your own brightness to the community or the grocery store. It seemed like it could have been a real eye-opener for children, youth, and even adults just to do a quick craft and donate to a good cause. Over time, the Easter Seal campaign decided to take a turn in its campaign and the design itself a little bit. Now you can find eggs with pictures of children and youth who may be experiencing a disability. Ultimately, I think both are great ideas that are eye-catching, create awareness, and are a great way to add some brightness to the stores and something to look forward to in the spring. 

So, we know what to look for in the stores and in the community, but how does this campaign work and how does it benefit the surrounding community you may be involved in? Well, the history of this campaign is quite powerful for youth who experience disabilities. Mouflier stated that “In normal we are raising between $20-25,000 through looking at past histories. This year, we are looking at raising over $30,000 dollars.” That is a high goal, but based on the history that has gone on in the past this campaign is successful, so they may yet meet this lofty goal. 

When you donate toward this campaign, all funds remain in the province where you make the donation. “All of the donations that are made towards the Paper Egg Campaign remain in Saskatchewan and go towards our programs for the children and youth that are experiencing disabilities. The three programs are camp Easter Seal, Summer Fun and Adaptive Technology.” As Mouflier explained, all the donations that you make in Saskatchewan stay inside of Saskatchewan, which seems like just an additional reason to be motivated to donate to a good cause.  

As spring is here, it is getting brighter outside and the sun is coming out (or so we hope). It gives us that chance to recognize and look forward to summer fun for ourselves, when we get to spend time with our loved ones outside and create memories. Well, why not help others create memories? When you donate towards the Paper Egg Campaign, you can help raise funds for Camp Easter Seal and Summer Fun. You can donate and find out more information at Thank you Mouflier for sitting down with us and teaching us about this amazing organization inside of Saskatchewan and some information on how to give back to the community. 


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