Ruttan keeps comin’ around

This guy has written songs for Blake Shelton. Wow /Image:

This guy has written songs for Blake Shelton. Wow /Image:

Country music star makes a stop in Regina

Article: Dana Morenstein – Contributor

“The reason I moved is because I wanted to learn how to write songs from the best songwriters in the world,” says Deric Ruttan confidently, during a sit down interview at the Casino Regina show lounge, before he prepares to get on stage as part of the “Your Town Throwdown” tour.

He’s come to the interview prepared, and when the subject of his decision to move to Nashville in 1994 comes up—a move that kick started his country music career—he has no regrets.

“That’s where they all were. So I moved there and I was kind of like a sponge, just soaking up everything I could. When you go to a creative centre like that, you’re immediately surrounded by people who are a whole lot better than you are. It brings the level of your game up and that’s what it did for me.”

So is it fair to say that Ruttan doesn’t mind competition?

“Not at all. That’s very fair to say. I enjoy competition as long as Jason and Chad aren’t fighting me for the last piece of pizza. That would bother me.” Ruttan is referring to his friends Jason Blaine and Chad Brownlee, who are on tour with him. “I think it makes you better.”

Ruttan’s 2003 single, “When You Come Around”, charted in both Canada and America. Four years later, he released his second album and had four hit radio singles. In between those two albums, Ruttan was working behind the scenes, writing songs for other notable country music artists like Eric Church, Dierks Bentley, and Aaron Pritchett. He won a CCMA for songwriter of the year in 2007.

Recently, he co-wrote Blake Shelton’s number one single, “Mine Would Be You.”

“I wrote my first song with my cousin when I was twelve. We were in an ice fishing hut, in a field, beside the house I grew up in,” Ruttan reflects, a look of wonder on his face. “From the moment I first heard music and learned to play guitar, I was the one who wanted to be writing the songs. I was just drawn to do it.”

What inspires him?

“Any time I hear something great that I wish I had written, it inspires me. And I go, why didn’t I think of that?” Ruttan is busy promoting his most recent album, Take The Week Off, and has a single out now of the same name.

“I think it’s the strongest thing that I’ve ever done,” Ruttan says honestly. “It’s a bit of a new sound for me, a little bit more aggressive.” Take The Week Off showcases Ruttan’s singing, guitar, and song-writing talent. His voice is pure country goodness—strong when it needs to be and smooth when it has to be. The song’s lyrics are evidence of a finely crafted skill that Ruttan has managed to perfect throughout the years, enhanced by his willingness to learn from others, and his ability to change along the way when he needs to.

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