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A group of runners in a marathon round a corner, gasping for breath as they push through exhaustion.
I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow the competition away.  2017 Canada Summer Games via Flickr

Charity run comes back swinging, proceeds going toward the Circle Project  

A charity run called Run for Regina was held on June 10 starting at 8 a.m. which began in the TC Douglas Meadow at the Wascana Centre and was organized by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association with support from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Students’ Association.  

With the motivation to double the number of registered runners every year, they set out to organize their second run after having paused these events due to COVID-19. Funds raised through the run were donated to the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) and the Circle Project last year, and the group decided to continue supporting the Circle Project this year. They managed to get 20-25 volunteers involved in event coordination and facilitation, assisting with various tasks ranging from marketing to selecting the run route to ensuring everything fell into place on race day. 

“They told me it’s doable,” said Arslan Ahmed, youth leader of the Youth Association, when speaking on why he wanted to plan a charity run in Regina for the first time. From going “beyond expectations” to making it happen, they were successful in assembling the event. Run for Regina was envisioned to grow pretty fast and double the numbers. Despite getting less time to prepare for the run this year, they managed to pull it off on a day of beautiful sunshine.  

In an interview with the students’ association President, Muhammad Ata Ul Aleem Siddiqui, he mentioned the motivation of putting together a good gathering of people who would build a space to support a cause showing love and harmony. 

From fighting the first time nervousness to getting the experience and confidence to make this event a success this year, Run for Regina appeared to be well put together with great community turnout. With the hope of personal contacts and chain effects in the community, the organizers reached a lot of people. 

The Carillon was on-the-scene at the opening ceremonies of the event, and there was an aura of zeal from people for the run that increased as they gathered. There was also a booth with refreshments for runners that included cookies, brownies, juice, fruits, granola bars, and coffee to get people warned up. These volunteers believe that there’s nothing that people can’t do, so they lend a helping hand to all runners and the other volunteers as a show of support to promote togetherness as the cause.  

The gathered group of people including volunteers, runners, and those supporting runners were able to hear Sandra Masters, the Mayor of the City of Regina, welcome all and emphasize the impact of the support and fundraising in the community for the greater good. The time, energy, and support that communities put out makes the city not only vibrant but also beautiful.  

As scheduled, the five-kilometer run open to anyone and everyone started at 9 a.m., followed by the three-kilometer at 9:15 a.m. and the one-kilometer fun walk at 9:20 a.m. After a gap of 20 minutes, the all-female one-kilometer walk commenced at 9:40 a.m. As all the participants set out, there rose an ambiance of unity together with the drive of competition some runners felt to complete runs at their best time. 

Without surprise, there were our four-legged friends who also joined in the walk to support all – dogs were just as welcome as human runners. A golden retriever named Sunny was a part of the one-kilometer walk along with his friend Ginger, a dobermann. Their owners seemed excited and eager to take their dogs for the walk that morning.  

The event was also supported by the University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU) through their Vice President External Affairs Oghenerukevwe Erifeta who shared her kind words with the audience at the opening ceremony. She emphasized how very few communities come together and take the initiative to help the city. On behalf of URSU, she felt honoured to be there. With their motivation of being driven by the care of the community, Erifeta believed that the initiative would help people get meals on their tables and shelters over their heads through support from the Circle Project.  

Operations Manager of the Circle Project, Larissa Anderson, shared a similar feeling of excitement and enthusiasm. With the purpose of continuing to help address houselessness, an already large and steadily increasing issue in Regina, the Circle Project directs their funds for the greater good of the community around them, supporting people in learning to support themselves. With earlier support the Circle Project was able to serve 17,000 lunches to address hunger, another steadily increasing issue in our area. Anderson referred to Run for Regina as one of her favourite events, and was grateful to be included as she found it fun and felt very welcomed.  

As the event provided a bridge to all the people of Regina to come together and support a worthwhile cause, the event saw a great turnout. With the motivation to continue to double the numbers in their registration counts, Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association along with Ahmadiyya Muslim Students’ Association plan to continue with more similar events that would increase supporters and help organizations like the Circle Project reach their goals.  

The event was welcomed by people of all walks of life who gathered with the spirit of uplifting everyone and spreading love and care. Initiatives like these will only help with this city’s growth from all aspects. 


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