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A check on in the goings on of sports

Hello and welcome all to another great edition of everyone’s favourite discussion of sports! This is the place were you get the best thoughts and opinions, the best analysis, the best balderdash you have ever seen! Lets go to the questions! 


With the new semester starting up, have you any thoughts or predictions for any of the Cougars teams or for the Rams? 


Ethan Williams: I’m optimistic that the women’s basketball team will have a successful year.  They’ve retained playmakers like Michaela Kleisinger, and Dave Taylor is a great leader for the team. 


Ethan Butterfield: Not really. I mean, my hopeful prediction, though, would be for the Rams to win it all, but other than that, I don’t have much of an opinion on it. 


John Loeppky: It’s sad to see athletes wearing Cougars wrestling or men’s volleyball shirts. The Rams are 2-2, the middle of the pack team we all wished they wouldn’t be. I think the basketball teams should be interesting this year, the swimmers are still swimming, the track team is still oversubscribed, and the club teams are still vastly underfunded. I’m interested to see which squad can climb out of perpetual mediocrity to a couple of successes. I know I’m rooting for the hockey teams to show up and show out. 



Which Cougars/Rams teams will make the playoffs this year? 


EW: Aside from the women’s basketball team, I can see women’s volleyball having a great run.  Melanie Sanford has the knowledge and expertise to construct a formidable team, and the team played very well, and seemed to really gel last year. I’m confident they can take a good stab at it this time around.     


EB: U of R Rams football, because reasons I suppose. Also, things. Yes, because of things and reasons is why they’ll make the playoffs. 


JL:  Most of them can beat Lethbridge when it comes down to it. It’s when they lose to Briercrest that you have to get worried.  


What is your favourite sports story this year? Why so? 


EW: I wouldn’t say this is a favourite story of mine because of the tragic circumstances, but you can’t help but smile when you look at how far the Humboldt Broncos have come in the last 5 months. The team has bonded, incredible stories have unfolded, and now the reformed team is on their way to a new season.  All the best to them on their new journey.  


EB: Not sure if it’s a story, but the Miami Dolphins kicking off their season with a 3-0 record is pretty interesting. Especially considering that, last season, they only won like six games in total. I guess we’ll see how things go from here. 


JL: How many more losses Jon Gruden can inflict on the Raiders before Ethan Butterfield explodes is my main concern. Trust me, I’m the human resources department for this rag and I just have to hope he pulls through this awful season. In related news, I’m very tempted to buy him a Bears jersey. I hear they’re super tear absorbent.  



Is there a less talked about story that deserves more head way that your want to spotlight? 


EW: I think the Regina Riot need to be put in the spotlight more often.  This team not only won the league championship this year, but have won it a total of three times in the last four years.  The fact that they are the first women’s football team in Regina and area is also a milestone for the sport, and they play just as rough and tough as the men do.  What’s not to like about this team?  


EB: Yeah, The XFL might be making a comeback and there’s (at least I feel) little to no discussion about it. Like, in this day and age, the XFL is the last thing we need right now. 


JL: How badly the Pats are going to skyrocket toward the ground after going all-in for the Memorial Cup. Here’s hoping they compete throughout the year and don’t suffer that CHL hangover. Speaking of the CHL, I’m eagerly awaiting the results of the legal wrangling that may allow the players to unionize.  



Which sporting event are you most looking forward to this season? 


EW: I look forward to it every year, but Grey Cup is now just around the corner, and, call me delusional, but I would like to believe that the hometown team will make an appearance this year.  We just must make sure Jones doesn’t take off that green shirt now… 


EB: Superb Owl. 


JL: Basketball season is nearly upon us and that means that a sport I sincerely care about is soon to be a near-permanent fixture on my television screen.  

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