Regina’s strangest pizza toppings

A pizza with some very normal toppings. Regina pizza places, take note! Vitalii Chernopyskyi via Unsplash

Our world-famous pizza is definitely in a league of its own

Pizza toppings are a highly-debated conversation topic. Everyone has their own opinions of what they like or don’t like on their pizza. Not to mention the type of crust, cheese, or sauce you like and what each restaurant has depending on their own method of pizza creation. Some people like a full meat lover’s pizza, while others only want plain cheese. But let’s discuss the most interesting pizza toppings right here in Regina.

First off, the elephant in the room: pineapples on pizza, a topic everyone has an opinion on. But we won’t stay on this topic long, simply because I’ve never had pineapple before. And everyone’s already had the conversation of pineapple on pizza, so there’s no need to have it again now.

Next, let me call myself out for my favourite kind of pizza: pickle pizza. Pronto Pizzeria in Regina has a dill pickle pizza with ranch sauce, mozzarella, feta, parmesan, ground beef, pickles, and fresh dill. This is my favourite pizza to get, but my friends don’t support me in my pickle pizza obsession, and I am always left eating it alone.

Also from Pronto Pizzeria is the “Brocolicous” pizza, which is a white sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, broccoli, bacon, and chicken pizza. I love broccoli, it’s my favourite vegetable, but it’s an interesting choice for a pizza to say the least.

At Panago Pizza, you can get a chicken taqueria pizza with a chipotle cilantro sauce, grilled chicken, fire-roasted corn, red onions, feta, mozzarella, avocado cilantro drizzle, and shredded cabbage. It seems like they tried to take a chicken taqueria taco and put it on a pizza, which isn’t unheard of. Taco pizza is a common style of pizza. What makes me question this is the use of corn as a pizza topping.

If you thought the cabbage was weird and going unnoticed, bear with me. Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria has a pizza called “cavoletti” (which is an Italian small cabbage). This pizza has fior-di-latte, oven-roasted brussels sprouts, prosciutto crisps, gorgonzola, dates, walnuts, honey (fior-di-latte is a type of cheese, as is gorgonzola). The only things that make me pause about the cavoletti pizza are the dates and walnuts. 

Seafood on pizza seems like something that could make sense to me – until you bring in crab. Theo Bill’s seafood pizza has shrimp, crab, and their seafood sauce.

To call myself out one more time, I love Canadian Brewhouse’s Doritos pizza. Jalapeño cheese, taco beef, mixed cheeses, shredded lettuce, and crushed Doritos. Doritos, or any kind of chip, is questionable on pizza, simply because the chip ends up getting a bit soggy, but still delicious.

Vern’s Pizza has something called “pizza bones,” with no options or descriptions. What are pizza bones? Are they the bones of fallen pizza brethren?

Ever heard of shredded beets on a pizza? No? Well, how about shredded carrots? Shredded radishes? All three can be found as a topping for Lancaster Taphouse’s chicken & root pizza. Joining the shredded carrots, radishes, and beets are chicken, mozzarella, green onion, and a cheddar garlic aioli base.

Saving the best for last is the U of R’s very own Lazy Owl and their Good Golly Ms. Mollie pizza. The stars of this pizza are waffles and fried chicken. While this combination works well as a breakfast item, on a pizza… not so much. Also on this pizza is bacon, red onion, and spicy honey.

As a disclaimer, unless otherwise stated, I haven’t tried most of these pizzas. And if you love one of these pizzas, don’t let me stop you from eating them. Don’t let anyone stop you from eating what you want, so long as no one in the room is wildly allergic to it. Feeding yourself is important, so enjoy whatever pizza toppings you like. I will certainly continue to enjoy my dill pickle pizza.


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