Rams crushed by University of Calgary


author: nathan mccarville | sports writer

With injuries it wasn’t usual pivot Noah Picton at the controls for the Rams./  nathan mccarville

Rams eliminated from playoffs by dinos 

The Rams have unofficially concluded their season this past Friday, meaning that after the results of the most recent game that the Rams have played against the Dinos, the Rams don’t stand a chance of making it to the Canada West play-offs. With an incredible game end score of 58-6 in favour of the Dinos, one can be left stumped, thinking, “What the hell happened?”  

The only points that the Rams were able to put on the board were from loyal kicker Aldo Galvan, who made a 29- and a 45-yard field goal for the Rams, equating to six points throughout the game., It also involved  a terrible game against Canada West’s elite team, surely incubating many future CFL players.  

The Canada West broadcast was shot through a Dinos-fever tinted lens, Calgarian correspondents spouting enthusiasm for the team that now totes a record of seven wins and no losses.  

I’m tempted to ask the question to anyone who would give a two-word answer: “How do you feel about the season?” Though, it would seem a tad insensitive with one game left in a futile season dictated by three forfeitures that essentially made the Rams forfeit the season, creating an irreversible disaster. Josh Donnelly, first-year and redshirt quarterback, took the place that Noah Picton would usually occupy for his first game of his university football career with the Rams. With the season close to an end, the coaches have decided that it was time to let the rookie see the field. Donnelly has the impressive record of throwing 1,900 yards for the LeBoldus Golden Suns football team as their quarterback in his grade 12 season.  

There were plenty of good receptions to the regular receivers, Ryan Shienbein, Kyle Borsa, and Bennett Susek, to name a few, throughout the game with Donnelly’s arm being the deciding factor behind the team. Though it seemed like every receiver for the Rams had two Dinos covering them at any given point at the reaction speeds that the Dinos had. Due to this, the Rams weren’t able to convert any of their efforts into any significant amount of points. Moving past the lack of points on part of the Rams, the plethora of points the Dinos were able to get added insult to injury. The Cohesive tactics that Sinagra has with his receivers is unmatched in the league, able to make precision passes and passes that seem to go across half of the field, Dinos Dallas Boath, Hunter Karl, Niko Difonte, and Tyson Philpot, none of the players seeming to be able to not catch the ball.  

The Rams will play their final home game of the season against the University of Saskatchewan Huskies on Oct. 26.  

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