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What house are you going to live in based on your personality?

by reese estwick & gillian massie, staff writer and news writer

After a full year of working and taking classes from home, we realize how important a clean and quiet space can be to achieve your academic goals. Everybody has their dream home, and we have had lots of time to manifest what we want that to look like. With rising tuition and athletic fees reinstated at the University of Regina, getting our dream homes does not seem to be happening anytime soon – but it is fun to dream, isn’t it? In lieu of atrociously stereotypical and non-sensical Buzzfeed quizzes, Reese and I have constructed what we consider to be the most telling quiz on what your ideal home will be based on your personality. With the potential to go back to school in person in the fall, I think we should take the time to enjoy our own homes, because we are going to be really sick of the bed bugs crawling out of the Ad Hum Pitt.

  1. What kind of art would suit your dream home the best?
    1. Frida Kahlo or Salvador Dali – colourful and surrealist art or self portrait
    2. Nothing, I just want a white wall
    3. Bob Ross – scenic painting that capture the beauty of nature
    4. Gargoyle statues, please!
  2. What was the first thing you bought at the start of the pandemic?
    1. Record player, paint, and new plants. Things to do and to take care of.
    2. Cleaning products
    3. Outdoor furniture so I can spend more time outside while staying home
    4. A pipe organ, so everyone can hear my sounds of mourning
  3. If you could domesticate any animal and keep it as a pet, what would it be?
    1. Zebra
    2. Polar bear
    3. Grizzly bear 
    4. Vulture
  4. What secret room do you want in your house?
    1. Butterfly conservatory
    2. Private office
    3. Library with book ladder
    4. Observatory
  5. What is your ideal study environment?
    1. First floor Archer with background noise (if a jazz band were to make an appearance, I wouldn’t complain)
    2. In my own home office with extreme noise cancelling headphones and a black coffee
    3. On the deck with the sweet sounds of the wind and birds, possibly the buzzing of the bees
    4. At night because – what’s sleep? I am nocturnal.
  6. What famous movie vehicle do you want as your daily driver?
    1. Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo
    2. Bumblebee from Transformers
    3. Tow Mater from Cars
    4. Gru’s Monstrous Machine from Despicable Me
  7. What instructions do you leave for the Uber Eats driver?
    1. “Don’t knock, just come in and put it on the counter, I’ll be in the bath when you get here. Thanks!”
    2. “Knock 3 times – only 3. I’ll get it. Thank you kindly.”
    3. I’ll save the delivery fee and just roast some wieners on the fire.
    4. “Put it on the second-floor balcony, you can climb the vines. Good luck.”
  8. Where are you eating on campus? [full disclosure: we are exempting Global Village because of roaches hehe]
    1. Robin’s
    2. Extreme Pita
    3. Timmie’s
    4. The Owl
  9. Where is your favourite study spot on campus?
    1. Egg chairs in Archer by the elevators
    2. Empty classrooms
    3. Campion College
    4. Ad Hum Pit
  10. What does your ideal backyard entail?
  1. Vine covered pergola
  2. Pond with fish
  3. Stone fire pizza oven
  4. Shrub-carved maze

All in all, when picking your dream home, there are many factors – ten, to be exact – that you must take into account. To find out which home belongs to you, add up all your answers and match the letter you have the most of to the house. Ta-da! You don’t even need a realtor – you’re welcome!


  • Wonderous Bungalow (mostly a’s)
A photo of an open concept dining-and-living room with a dramatic beaded light fixture and gray marble floors.

Is your home boring you? Is it bland and boring? Well, the Wondrous Bungalow is the space for you! With something to look at in every corner, you will always be enticed with your home. This maximalist home has brightly colored walls (sometimes in multiple colors) and is strategically decorated with staple accent pieces. Mixing and matching is a welcomed form of design in this home!

  • Elegant Flat (mostly b’s)
A minimalist house with white couches, wood floors, some red vases and white walls and ceilings

Are you constantly over-worked and living a life filled with chaos? When you come home at the end of the day, do you just want to see blank, white walls that make you feel calm? Well, then this Elegant Flat is for you! You are a person who just wants to be in a zen, blank space that you can decompress in. Some say you’re boring and dull, some say you are like Kim Kardashian – take your pick.

  • Woodsy Nook (mostly c’s)
A low-ceilinged wooden house with a couple of comfortable armchairs, a bookcase and a fire in the grate.

Do you get excited at the thought of the colour brown and red plaid flannel – clearly you do because your dream home is the Woodsy Nook! You love to be one with nature and the smell of wet grass and tree bark really tickles your fancy! Filled with plaid throw pillows, lots of oak, and a firepit for a stove, this woodsy home makes you feel like you are one with the forest, even if you are just in the suburbs.

  • Eerie Mansion (mostly d’s)
An aggressively goth house with ornate carved ceilings, a chandelier, a wooden dining room table with candles, and a massive fireplace.

It’s frickin’ bats! You love Halloween! The Eerie Mansion is for those of you who like a more mysterious decor. With incorporations of Gothic architecture, you may not necessarily want scary gargoyles loitering your torch lit halls, but broad archways and stone siding definitely appeal to you! Perhaps you will include dim lighting by only using candles in the halls, or perhaps there will be a morgue in the backyard, who knows?!

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