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Irresponsible acts and the numerous repercussions being faced

by rayanne gwilliam, contributor

There is no question that there is a lot going on in the world right now. Unfortunately, a large amount of the events we’re witnessing are very unpleasant and unnerving to say the least. However, they’re much more of an intimidating and harsh reality to those experiencing them directly. There have been various videos and news reports done on the current situation in the Ukraine and what’s happening to the citizens.

Like the wars before, men are expected to leave their lives, families, and friends behind to fight for their country. Those caught trying to leave the country are often forced to abandon their vehicles and end up stranded outside the border. That in and of itself is terrible – however, it’s made worse by the realization they’re forced to abandon everything else as well. I say this because many people’s homes, if not all of them, will be unsafe. There will likely be procedures put in place at various schools, hospitals, and institutions. Any of the major large cities, especially the capital, will be a huge target for multiple attacks from Russian military forces. Even those in very rural parts of the country are at risk.

Resources are going to be rationed greatly to provide for the troops, as well as businesses being altered to provide for the military, should this continue long term. One of the most disheartening things is how many innocent people are involved in the crossfire due to decisions made by others with no regard for their well-being or safety. It’s unjust and wrong to allow most to pay for the actions of few when none of the issues being dealt with this way are their fault. Children are going to lose their innocence, their sense of security and safety, and their idea of what is normal. They’re potentially going to lose their homes, family members, possibly a life in the county they once called home, and possibly even their own lives.

I’ll admit I’m not incredibly well versed in politics, or government relations, particularly in this country in which I’ve never lived. However, I can think of no reasoning in which it’s ever worth it to risk the mass civilian casualties that are inevitable in a case such as this. There’s no way of knowing what it will cost in the future, what those people were providing to the world, or could grow up to do – including the risk it puts on the citizens of the country who started it as well. Citizens of both are being asked to sacrifice and put themselves and their loved ones in danger for the agenda of who happens to be in charge at that time.

Whether it’s believed to be for the good of the country or possibly the world to the leader of such an event, this is irrelevant the second it requires the blood of people who never signed up for war, especially since it’s rarely those who signed up for war who end up fighting in it. The ideas so strongly believed in that they’re worth potentially causing a war between countries, and destroying peace-making efforts, are only deemed worth it when they cost the blood of other people.

In all other cases where violence is used for the pursuit of growth and progress of either the country or the world, it has arguably never been greatly beneficial in the long run. Does it boost the economy? Technically, yes. However, as we’ve seen in both World Wars, the losing side faced astronomical economic backlash – so much so that it took decades to recover and pay off debts. It’s also argued that the effects of the First World War contributed to the Great Depression, which was a global experience. Not to mention that the mass casualties and destruction that countries can experience take years to recover and rebuild from.

Consider the number of natural disasters that are experienced in various countries and cause similar kinds of destruction, that require the aid of other countries and government systems like the Red Cross. These events are arguably hard enough on people, so adding any more man-made destruction feels irresponsible. Once things like bombings, air strikes, and military invasions start, the actions that follow are irreversible. Regardless of how well prepared any country is for such conflict, there are always variables we’re unaware of and unprepared for.

Think, for example, about the atomic bombings that happened in Japan that basically ended the Second World War and killed thousands of people. It’s arguably regretted amongst those who helped create it, as it changed the trajectory of military weaponry. Furthermore, considering how many issues we already experience environmentally; what is produced by war-related weapons has a largely negative impact on that as well.

Considering we also are all dealing with a global pandemic, this is not needed – nor is it fair to expect the men of the country to risk their lives simply because they live there, regardless of what they’re leaving behind or their willingness to join the military. If elements of coercion are being used on your own people, or anyone for that matter, to get what a few want, chances are you’re not on the side of what is right; especially if every other option has not been exhausted to prevent extreme measures. Not to mention the risks it’s putting on other countries who are likely to get involved by aiding the innocent, providing refuge, or providing troops to try and neutralize all threats. It’s alarming to know of the impacts of all other instances such as this that have happened in history, and recognize that such occurrences still happen regardless. Unfortunately, sometimes it is hard to have optimism in our ability to grow and evolve as humans and societies. I suppose there is always hope in the good that did happen within such miserable circumstances.


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