Occupy Regina thus far


Via their electronic mailing list, Canadian magazine Adbusters proposes a peaceful occupation of Wall Street to protest corporate influence on democracy, address a growing disparity in wealth, and the absence of legal repercussions behind the recent global financial crisis.

Sept. 17
The first Occupation starts on Wall Street, coinciding with Constitution Day. In mid-July, the

Oct. 6
The Regina Leader Post reports that plans are underway for a local Occupation. The article states, “The Regina Police Service plans to uphold everyone’s rights during a protest that is slated to take place in downtown Regina next week.”

Oct. 15
Occupy Regina sets up in Victoria Park. Regina is only one of an estimated 1,500 cities worldwide to host an Occupy Wall Street movement.

Oct. 17
Days after the movement began, the StarPhoenix runs a story headlined “Protestors vow to stay put,” declaring that “many people aren’t sure what demonstrators are trying to say.”

Oct. 18
The Regina Public Interest Research Group has approved spending up to $800 in basic living supplies for the protesters. It will provide $200 in aid this week and next, followed by $100 per week for up to four weeks after that. Protesters applied for the funds earlier in October by  university students involved with the movement. Money for the research body is collected voluntarily from student fees at the University of Regina.

Oct. 27
Occupy takes a political turn when CBC reveals that Green Party candidate for the constituency of Cannington, Daniel Johnson, has been living in Victoria Park for the last two weeks. He admitted to CBC that he is a parachute candidate and only running as a favour to old high school friend and Green Party Leader, Victor Lau.

Natasha Tersigni
News Editor

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