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Ever wonder what your URSU President is jamming out to when he’s mulling over documents and URSU business or his own homework? He sat down with the Carillon to share what’s blaring in his headphones in between bouts of cat videos and student union policy.

“Power” – Kanye West
“Power” by Kanye West is kind of a reminder of how I should not approach my responsibilities. It's always on my playlists and reminds me "don't be like this guy".

“Cinderella Man” – Eminem

“Cinderella Man” is the opposite–I love the whole self-made aspect of life.

“The Other Side” – Bruno Mars ft Cee Lo Green
“The Other Side” is a great song and it's also kind of cool how they sing about different sides of people and how they don't want people to see some of those sides.

“Cant Take My Eyes off of You” – Frankie Valley and The Four Seasons

Frankie Valley is my freaking hero.

Variations on a Theme of Paganini – Johannes Brahms

I love classical music in the office even though it pisses everyone off when I leave my door open.

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