No Excuses!

Face it. You probably need an excuse to work out/Michael Chmielewski

Face it. You probably need an excuse to work out/Michael Chmielewski

Time to get your butt to the gym!

Author: suzanne barber – sports writer

No Excuses!

Get your ass to this free UR Fit class


The UR Fit program is, quite literally, giving you no excuse not to get active. Not only is the program offering unique classes—like men’s only yoga and women’s only self defence— but also incorporating drop-in fees, pro-rated payments and more lunch-hour classes. Oh, and it is also offering one class a week completely free. Seriously.

For the second year in a row, the UR Fit program is offering a free fitness class in Gym 2 every Wednesday from 12:10-12:50—and it’s awesome.

I excitedly attended my first “No Excuses” class not knowing what to expect and was impressed in more ways than one. First of all, the class is easy to join, removing all the burdens that some fitness classes involve. I did not have to call to say I was or wasn’t coming, I did not have to worry about a “no show” fee, and I did not have to drive anywhere. I simply showed up, put my name down and started the warm up. This casual come-and-go environment creates a refreshing atmosphere that is both unintimidating and relaxed. What’s more, the class is multi-level and fitness instructor, Johnny Trinh, provides variations of all exercises.

“This class is multi level. It’s meant for everyone to come in and have a good time and that’s why with this class I do tend to give lots and lots, even more options than I normally do, so that everyone can feel successful and accomplished,” Trinh said.

Trinh has close to a decade of experience leading fitness and yoga classes and his expertise shines. The class is run circuit style, but Trinh’s background in yoga definitely comes through. You can expect deep stretching, challenging poses and reminders about your breathing which add an additional stress-busting component.

I left the class feeling refreshed and relaxed rather than destroyed, yet woke up the next morning with plenty of sore muscles.

Trinh definitely does not take all the credit for the class, however.

“I have to give credit where credit is due. This class is a big initiative by Karin Fahlman, the manager of the fitness center and UR Fit… I’ve never been to a school that offers something like this, a completely free class open to everyone.”

Why is it, then, that students aren’t jumping at this opportunity? The class I attended (albeit the first one and maybe not the best gauge of popularity) had only 13 people in attendance! And that’s with enrolment rates at a record high this year.

It’s not fair to put the blame on UR Fit marketing, either. The UR Fit staff is demonstrating how committed they are to supporting student fitness; however, the message is falling on deaf ears. The onus is on you to stay informed at take advantage of the things your tuition helps fund.

As Trinh suggests, “No, no more excuses. It’s free, it’s available to you and it’s accessible.”

It’s time to get informed and get active. See you on Wednesday.

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