NFL a better product than the CFL

Some good old-fashioned curb stomping/ Brett Nielsen

Some good old-fashioned curb stomping/ Brett Nielsen

Better presentation, better athletes, better league?

Author: Ethan Butterfield – Contributor

There are a lot of things that make us proud to be Canadians – Tim Hortons, maple syrup, hockey and of course, the CFL. But, wait. Then why is it that so many Canadians lean towards the NFL instead? It’s true. For instance, the ratings of Canadians watching the Super Bowl compared to the Grey Cup will show you that we’re much more into their sport than you’d think. Just last year, a total of 4.1 million Canadians viewed the Grey Cup, while 9.2 million viewed the Super Bowl. Now that’s what I call a double-double…ehhh.

So what makes the NFL so much better? Well, for one thing, the amount of talent is heavily weighed towards the NFL. Sure, the CFL has some good players, but when comes down to brass tacks, the NFL just has more to offer in the way of competitive ability.

To quote Sean Kraemer, a friend and NFL convert, “The G.O.A.T. powerful Peyton Manning, I’d never seen another quarterback control a game like that!”

That’s the reality; any athlete would love to sign to the NFL and start making an impact right away. Unfortunately, that leaves the CFL as just sort of a back-up league for players who couldn’t make it down south.

Next is the production value. It’s a little surreal to go from watching the CFL to the NFL. In the NFL, the camera angles are more dynamic; a sort of “every play could be huge” feeling goes through the air. However, in the CFL, there’s different camera angles for each play, which isn’t bad by any means, but the NFL on Monday Night Football will use something like thirty-two cameras. With only ten on CFL games, it loses that showmanship factor that makes sports so exciting, and that’s what the NFL does so well. It presents itself with grandeur; it really makes you wonder what’s to going to happen next.

In relation to production value, the promos for hyping big games are way more intense. They’re borderline in your face about it. True, the Riders vs. Blue Bombers video packages are always well done. But, in the NFL, whenever two teams that faced each other in the playoffs in past years are going head-to-head in the regular season, then the pressure starts building up to witness that match-up. It’s like there’s going to be a clash of the Titans in your living room this Sunday…or Thursday…or Monday…

Now, I’m not saying that the NFL is better than the CFL in every way. I’m just bringing the point across that there may be something just a bit more enjoyable about the NFL – some aspects of it, anyway. The amount of teams, the quality of athletes, the presentation, it’s all eye-catching to the viewer and it makes us want to see more. I mean, unless your team goes 3-13 during the season then, by all means, enjoy the CFL. Go Raiders.

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