Newsbreak – Oct. 7, 2010


Take back the night
This last Monday, Broad Street was aglow with candlelight. Reclaiming the Spirit, a march for missing and murdered women, started on the corner of Broad and College in Regina. An art installation featuring face painting, food, and drumming by the Rainwater Singers was featured. This candlelit vigil was echoed in seventy other areas across Canada, including Saskatoon.



Glitz, glam, and oilsands
Little known director James Cameron visited Alberta last week. On Sept. 29, he made the 32-hour trip from Los Angeles to check out the oilsands that have come under critique for possibly polluting the surrounding communities. Cameron has worked on such independent features as Titanic, Terminator, and Avatar.


Tough luck, students
It seems there was a “miscommunication” about the changes in the Saskatoon academic offenses. That’s according to Ray Morrison, the chair of the Saskatoon school board. Last week, reports said that penalties would be lightened on typically frowned upon acts like plagiarism and late assignments. Even Brad Wall weighed in about how the change made him “uncomfortable.” Morrison assured the public that there is no such change in the works.

Good night, sweet prince
On Wednesday, Sept. 30, Mayor Pat Fiacco swung a big gold sledgehammer into a picture of some bricks that was covering a block of Styrofoam while Westgate Development CEO Yosup Kim looked on and laughed. That’s not an entry from my dream journal, it’s a sentence describing something that actually happened. The highly allegorical sledgehammering took place as part of the cornerstone removal ceremony for the Plains Hotel, finally marking the start of the building’s demolition. Pour a forty out in memory of Good Time Charlie’s – or, more appropriately, drink one.


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