Newsbreak – Nov. 25, 2010


Only a month behind the mall displays

Regina’s Christmas season has officially begun. This last Sunday, Nov. 21, the 25th annual Santa Claus Day Parade was held in the Queen City. The parade began at 1 p.m. and winded through the city, from 25th Ave. to the Southland Mall.






It could happen to you

Cha-ching. A Saskatchewan couple are the newest winners of the Lottery Max jackpot. Lawayne Musslewhite and Marillyn Hodgkinson are from Fort Saskatchewan. The couple claimed their $22 million prize this Thursday, Nov. 18. They say they’re planning to use the money to take a holiday and buy a dishwasher.





Matrimony in the UK

Breaking news: two really attractive people announce their engagement. In a move that surprises no one, Prince William and Kate Middleton broke the news that they’re getting royally hitched. To celebrate the union, the prince jumped in a helicopter and saved a man stuck on a mountain, because that’s how he rolls.








This is why you're fat

Because Tim Hortons and Robins weren’t nearly enough to satisfy Canada’s donut needs, Krispy Kreme Donuts is dipping its toe into the Canadian market. This weekend the donut conglomerate opened their first store north of the U.S. border. In a brilliant marketing move, the first store was opened across from a university in Toronto. Cashing in on the freshman 15 are we?

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