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URSU Bi-Elections: The University of Regina's Student Union will be running a bi-election this week. Candidates will be campaigning for the position of Student Union president for the semester. Campaigning ends September 24 and voting days will on September 25 and September 26. Students are encouraged to ask questions, talk to the candidates, and vote.

U of R Students Facing Deportation: Two University of Regina international students are facing deportation back to Nigeria. Victoria Sharon Ordu and Ihuoma Favour Amaad worked at Walmart for two weeks, before finding out that they were not allowed to legally work there because of their student status in Canada. The two students are in hiding at a church in Regina, awaiting to see what Immigration Canada decides. 

B.C planning ahead for Aboriginal post-secondary Education: British Columbia's provincial government has announced in June that it plans to increase Aboriginal student involvement in university institutions. The provincial government hopes to fund a number of education initiatives, such as $16.2 million for financial assistance to Aboriginal students. Most of this money will go towards creating partnerships between universities and Aboriginal institutions and community centres. B.C's government will be implementing this plan across the province until 2020..

Occupy Movement – 1 Year Later: One year after the Occupy movement rippled through the world, protesters marked the anniversary of "Occupy Wall Street" on Monday September 17 by marching through Manhattan's financial district. Apart from numerous arrests, activists suggest that the protest was missing the vibe and energy present during last years occupy demonstrations. As occupy tires to rebuild itself as a movement, and regain the energy and strength it once had, the one year anniversary is not as vibrant as was expected.

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