National girls and women in sports

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Looking into Cougars athletes and women in sports.

Our female athletes are the silent heroes that often get overlooked when we start to discuss sports. Especially in the world of professional sports, it is normally the men’s sports that we look to first when discussing stats, games and what to watch. National Girls and Women in Sports day, which is February 3, is a day where we can take the time to appreciate these strong female athletes and allow them to know that we see them, their hard work, and their dedication to their sports. Whether it is soccer, swimming, or figure skating we take the time to recognize the accomplishments of our athletes.

Although many seasons have been cancelled this past year, making it even more difficult for these athletes to get the recognition that they deserve, that has not stopped the dedication that each of them possess. Time and dedication has not ceased to exist during this pandemic; rather, adaptations have had to come into effect. Alternative ways to train, plan, and communicate needed updating in these unprecedented times which is something that we should take the time to acknowledge. Everything has been so much harder for everyone trying to work online, but it has been even harder for these athletes who are unable to train together as a team due to restrictions and the fact that some of their players are back home in other cities and provinces.

Our Cougars women athletes and coaches have been working tirelessly to be able to ensure that they maintain top condition and that they are ready to go for all of us to come and cheer on when time allows for that. This is something that should be recognized not just on National Girls and Women in Sports day, but everyday. Being a student athlete could be considered a full-time job with the amount of hours and dedication it takes to guarantee your coaches, fans, and yourself that you will be able to perform at the expected level when the time comes around. Trying to do that with limited resources is not an easy task.

To all of our past, current and future Cougars women players and coaches we recognize your talents, skill, hard work and perseverance. We recognize that this past year has been hard not only on the fans but also on the players that we love to go out and support. The world of athletics may be a difficult one for women to exist in, but we are forever grateful that you choose everyday to continue to pursue the athletics that you love and to inspire other athletes to do the same. Just because it is not easy does not mean that is not worth it in the end. From the lessons learned while competing and after, being an athlete is something that all women should be proud to call themselves. Happy National Girls and Women in Sports day, Cougars, and keep making us proud.

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