Music reviews – Neon Indian: Era Extrana


Neon Indian
Era Extraña
Mom + Pop Music

Laser noises can create an atmosphere on an album that is goofy, cheesy, or even painful. There are plenty of lasers in Neon Indian’s new album Era Extraña, but the atmosphere of the chillwave album is that of an articulate pop sensation. Alan Palomo, the genius behind Neon Indian, not only used the sounds of lasers to create this album, but tapped into video-game samples, phone conversations, and even rocket ships to create a series of intricate synth loops that are pure splendor. Neon Indian’s debut Psychic Chasms is considered one of the highest moments in chillwave, but Era Extraña’s extensive array of samples, mixed with soothing vocals, creates an organized chaos that tops their debut. Era Extraña is both uplifiting and soothing. Its ingenuity is displayed on tracks like “Polish Girl”, a track sure to top every reviewer’s best tracks list by the end of the year.

Kelly Malone

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