Music review – Neverending White Lights: Act III: Love Will Ruin


Neverending White Lights
Act III: Love Will Ruin
Ocean Records/Maple Music

Neverending White Lights’ new album Act III: Love Will Ruin lets frontman Daniel Victor offer his voice a lot more than in previous albums, where collaborations were prevalent. But this album is much more rock infused and follows the theme of tragic love. After years of struggle, this is merely Part 1 of Act III, and so the album really doesn’t quite go to ruin, as Part 2 will come out at a later date and may have collaborations with Lights, The Midway State, and The Deftones.

With the instrumentals being more upbeat and powerful for the rock feel, the lyrics still have the ability to have deep or familiar feel to them, as in previous albums. This is a difficult feat to accomplish when making an album more radio-friendly without making it cheesy. The song “The Game Needed Me” resembles a heavy hip-hop kind of sound, but also an electronic beat like Depeche Mode. “Starlight” is like one of those songs put on movie trailers that exist to pretty much sell it to the viewer. That being said, each of the 11 tracks have the potential to be singles dominating the airwaves of the radio.

Leland Foley

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