Music review – Lyrical Militant: Prelude to Revolution


Prelude to Revolution
Lyrical Militant

Prelude to Revolution starts with a weird intro that sounds like an estranged Barry White talking over an egg-shaker and dubstep. After the listener is sufficiently weirded-out, the album goes into its strongest track, “Never Give Up,” which sounds quite similar to material from Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor. If Prelude to Revolution stuck with the ’90s hip-hop vibe it started out with, it likely would have been not that bad of an album, but alas, Prelude to Revolution begins a steady decline after the first song. There are more interludes featuring the slowed-down and pitch-dropped voice in the intro interspersed between annoying synth lines and choruses that don’t seem to end.

Lyrical Militant is a self-proclaimed “socially conscious” and “politically charged” MC, but I’m confused as to how Prelude to Revolution could be considered socially conscious at all when Lyrical Militant talks about throwing money and refers to women as bitches and hoes. Prelude to Revolution is comparable to a high school kid that enjoys Rage Against the Machine, smokes his first joint, and suddenly he has a solution to all of the world’s problems.

Paul Bogdan
A&C Writer

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