Music review – Loom: Epyllion




Too many artists seem to think the way to create atmosphere is to break out the synths and build up a bed of airy new-age nonsense. Loom, the vehicle of songwriter Brooke Manning, knows otherwise. Epyllion, Loom’s debut, deals in ambience, but it’s always organic and warm to the touch. It comprises languid, barely-strummed guitars and little else, aside from Manning’s exquisite voice. She’s been compared to “a female Thom Yorke,” but her tenor is much less strident and, frankly, a lot more listenable. Standout tracks “There is Blood in My Body” and “Is It Love” float atop two chords or less for up to seven minutes, but there’s nothing boring about either.

Epyllion is slow and ragged. It’s sad like the best Julie Doiron records, it shivers like the best Microphones records, and it’s easily the best thing to grace the Carillon review shelf this year.

Mason Pitzel
Production Manager

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