Movie review: Purple Hearts

Are you rallying the troops or rallying for a husband? Walt Disney Television via Flickr

Everything you need to know to become excited about the newly released Purple Hearts

If you are a regular Netflix consumer, you may have heard that they have released a new movie, Purple Hearts, on July 29, 2022. It became extremely popular during the two weeks after its release, and it is worth the watch. 

In this article, you’ll get a brief summary of the movie’s plot, learn about the team behind the production of the film, discover some of the emotions that may appear while watching the movie, and some of the music that you will experience throughout the film. If this review does not make you want to watch or rewatch the movie, I don’t know what will. 

Purple Hearts is about two main characters named Cassie Salazar and Luke Morrow. Now, these characters are put in personal and very hard financial situations. Because of this, they choose to get married to increase their financial benefits and improve their situations. The only problem is that Morrow will soon be a marine, which creates a plot twist for this marriage and leads to a story full of romance and hardship. 

Let’s now take a look into the team behind the creation of the movie. It stars Sofia Carson as Salazar. She is the female lead, a singer-songwriter and a bartender who decides to marry the male lead, Nicholas Galitzine, who plays Morrow, the soon-to-be marine. As these two work together, they are able to create a very romantic energy in the movie, which ends up giving the audience the best of both worlds. This energy seems to be one reason why so many viewers have enjoyed Purple Hearts so much. The two stars were able to bring forth the vision of director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum. This team helped work together to assure that the movie was a great one and the current statics show that the team did an outstanding job. During the first couple of weeks after Purple Hearts was released, it reached incredible viewing numbers. They successfully reached 102.6 million views by the start of August. Not only that, but it also marks the highest number of views this year on Netflix. 

The movie starts out with an introduction to who the characters are, telling their own individual background stories. It then comes to a point where Salazar and Morrow meet in a bar, and we can see their differences. Not only in this scene are there noticeable differences between the two, but the watchers can sense the anger, the feminist knowledge, tension, and many more feelings between the two. This is the moment where we see these two characters connect and it gets you hooked as it is such a difference in opinions and feelings that it just makes you wonder what is going to happen next. These feelings keep resurfacing throughout the film between Salazar and Morrow. The connection and tension found between the two can bring out feelings of a personal positive connection, strength, independence, need, comfort, and love, among others. The fact that two very strong individuals with conflicting views on many different topics can eventually come together in a marriage, even if it is just for the benefits, creates such an original story line that gets people hooked and wanting to continue watching. 

As with any movie, there are certain songs that are written for the movie’s soundtrack that hold more significance than others. For Purple Hearts, those songs areCome Back Home,” “I Didn’t Know,” and “I Hate the Way.” Now these three songs appear during very crucial parts of the movie. As stated in the movie by Salazar “Music is my everything. […] So, while most people learn to speak their feelings out loud or write them into a journal, I learned to make mine into music.” This quote and the songs that are sung by Salazar and her band throughout the movie help bring the story to life. They show the reality behind the music and support what is happening in the story. The effect that the music has on supporting the concepts and relational growth being shown is one of great significance.  After everything that has been talked about, it is safe to say that Purple Hearts is a great movie and is worth the watch. It is a movie that has caught many people’s attention for multiple reasons. This movie has drama, romance, tension, mystery, love, and an outstanding story line.


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