Midseason report card


While some teams receive mercy grades, others get straight A’s

Autumn McDowell
Sports Editor

Men’s hockey
Record: 4-8-2
Grade: B-

My better is better than your better

Although they may still sit second last in the Canada West standings, the men’s hockey team are showing progress this season, as they appear to have a death grip on the final playoff spot in Canada West. If another team is to pry that playoff spot away from the Cougars’ lifeless fingers, it is going to take a lot of work, as many members are already bettering totals that they posted last year.

Matt Strueby has had the hot hand this year, as he has already more than tripled his goal total from last season and currently sits 14th in the conference scoring race. The Cougars have a pair of games against the Saskatchewan Huskies this weekend and will then have over a month to rest nagging injuries before returning to action in the New Year. 

Teacher comments: Although the men’s hockey team is progressing nicely this year, there is still room for improvement. It is recommended that the team get a nameplate for the back of Nick Thies’s jersey, as he looks out of place amongst his peers.

Women’s hockey
Record: 4-7-1
Grade: C+

Proving the critics right

The women’s hockey team currently sits second last in Canada West, thus putting it seven points back of the final playoff spot. The women’s team is projected to miss the playoffs this year and finish fifth out of a possible seven. So far they are living up to the expectation of ending the season early. It’s no surprise that Paige Wheeler and Rianne Wight are leading the way for the Cougars offensively, as the duo took the scoring reigns last season as well.

Lisa Urban currently sits dead last in conference goalie statistics, with a 3.46 goals-against average and a .874 save percentage. These stats do not reflect the type of player that Urban is, as she has had to stand on her head numerous times this season for the team to even have a chance at taking home a win. The women’s team will have a shorter break than the men’s team, as they take on the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology on Dec. 30 and 31 to close out 2011.

Teacher comments: The women’s hockey team will not stop screaming during games, even at inappropriate times. This can be extremely disruptive to other players and fans. Paige Wheeler and Rianne Wight are being puck hogs and need to learn the importance of sharing, but since they often score this will be overlooked for the time being.

Men’s basketball
Record: 2-5
Grade: C

They want to be a contender

The men’s basketball team is continuing the trend of sitting second last in the standings. This year’s squad has absolutely no fifth-year players, which puts it at an automatic disadvantage. Fourth-year Paul Gareau is leading the way with most points at 128 in seven games and has by far the most facial hair on the team, possibly with all players combined.

The Cougars will have to find a way to scramble into the top four teams in the east division in order to keep their 17-year streak of making the playoffs going. The men’s team are done competition until 2012, and do not play at home again Jan. 20.

Teacher comments: The Cougars are young for their conference and it shows. If they do not finish in the playoffs this year, it may be suggested that all members of the team are to be held back. It is clear that the team members are trying their best and would receive an A for effort, but the team record is in desperate need of improvement. 

Women’s basketball
Record: 7-0
Grade: A+

Does the O have to go?

The women’s basketball team currently sits first in Canada West and boasts a 7-0 record in regular season competition. The Cougars were ranked No. 1 in the country in a pre-season coaches poll. With such high expectations set for this year’s team, the Cougars are currently doing everything they can to live up to them.

Michelle Clark is currently leading the team in points with 105 in seven games, while Joanna Zalesiak and Lindsay Ledingham are hot on her tail with 104 and 84 points, respectively.

Barring untimely injuries, the women’s basketball team is easily the university’s best chance to take home a national title. The women’s team is also done competition until 2012, and do not play at home again until Jan. 20.

Teacher comments: The women’s basketball team is exceeding all expectations and is receiving A+ scores across the board. They’re developing their skills at a higher level than the rest of the teams in their age group. The Cougars are set for great things and are role models for young basketball players. Keep up the good work.

Men’s volleyball
Record: 4-6
Grade: A-

That’s what winning feels like

The men’s volleyball team has already doubled its winning total from last season, and look to continue to climb up the Canada West ladder. The men’s volleyball team currently sits sixth out of a possible 11th and has possession of a playoff spot. The Cougars currently have more wins than they have had in at least the past six years. Although this may be new territory for the home team, this year could be a chance to put University of Regina men’s volleyball on the map.

Fifth-year players Jamie Wilkins, Brody Waddell, Drew Smith, and Joel Colter are making every effort they can to go out on top, while rookie libero Jacques Borgeaud is making an immediate impression.

The Cougars are scheduled to take a trip to Winnipeg on Dec. 2 and 3 before they enjoy a well-deserved break that will take them into 2012.

Teacher comments: The men’s volleyball team has gone from getting the participation award year after year to easily the most improved. They have worked hard for many years and are finally getting to see that results that they have always wanted. Keep up the good work.

Women’s Volleyball
Record: 2-8
Grade: C-

Young guns come to play

The women’s volleyball team has not been playing up to par this season. They are second last in the Canada West standings and three places back of a playoff spot.

Although Trisha Dobson has replaced Michelle Sweeting quite nicely, the team is still missing the consistent play that Sweeting is known for. Hopefully Sweeting will return in the New Year and will help propel the team up the standings and into a playoff spot.

The Cougars are scheduled to be in Winnipeg on Dec. 2 and 3 before they enjoy a break and ample time to look at the drawing board until they are back in action at home on Jan. 13-14.

Teacher comments: The women’s volleyball team is not living up to its expectations this year. As a team, they’re capable of great things, but injuries seem to have shaken they confidence. They should take a break and attempt to start fresh in the New Year.

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