Letter to the editor – Oct. 20, 2011


I am writing to the Carillon in response to a comment made in the Declass about the “phony” fine arts programs here at the University of Regina and throughout the world, as I want to clarify a few things.

Post-secondary programs such as theatre department (film and media production and studies dept., visual arts dept., and music dept.) and the faculty of fine arts as a whole are real and legitimate programs in academics, because fine arts programs and classes educate those who want to learn about the arts and cultures of our own and other societies. I think everyone can empathize with your frustration about the parking situation here at the university but removing a faculty or program would not be the solution because all the students enrolled in the “phony” programs would enroll in the other programs that would still be offered.

One could say that you, the student who hid behind the Carillon Declass and made the statement, clearly don’t understand or appreciate the fact that it is people like fine arts students who create and produce the television shows, films, music concerts, stage plays, musicals, sculptures, paintings, ceramics, etc. that you enjoy. By doing so, we are not just “making” art, but we are also documenting the time we create. These artworks show everyone more than just the piece itself, but make people think, question, and self-reflect.

So, you can choose to remain ignorant of the values the fine arts have to offer and teach if that is what you want to do, as it is not to the detriment to the fine arts community here or around the world. There will always be an interest in the artworks created, even here at the University of Regina. In the meantime we, the fine arts students, will forgive you this time. However, I suggest you take a look at all the creative pieces of work that are displayed here at the university, because I am willing to bet that students, faculty, and staff would be interested in that, as opposed to where you park your “piece of work."

Jordan Palmer
Fine Arts Director, URSU

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