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Fifth Parellel

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The Fifth Parallel is currently hosting the works of a young artist named Joviel Buenavente. Joviel calls his gallery Curiosity. A blurb in the gallery describes Joviel’s installation as follows: “Curiosity is a self-exploration to develop styles of painting, both unique to the artist, as well as inspired by the works of other artists. Equally, this is an exhibition of Joviel’s intense studies of watercolour behaviour on various paper finishes, as well as different watercolour techniques and the incorporation of other media such as inks and pens with watercolour. This exhibition explores the limitations of the different media, but also his artistic capabilities with hope that future works will show noticeable improvement and differentiation, as he continues studies as a Visual Art student. Joviel Buenavente aims to make art that is visually appealing, inspiring, and in some cases, thought provoking.”

Joviel is a second-year Fine Arts student majoring in Visual Arts. Nineteen years old and with only a few years of refining his artistic ability, Joviel displays all the qualities of a budding young artist. As the blurb indicated, the installation deals primarily with watercolours: potent, unique, and minimalist in both presentation and technique. Joviel’s Curiosity clearly demonstrates his raw talent and, I’m sure, foreshadows many more successful exhibitions in the future. But don’t take my word for it. Go and see it yourself.

After spending about twenty minutes perusing the gallery I sat down with the young artist to ask him a few questions.


So what made you title the installation Curiosity?

Because I was trying to explore different media: pen, acrylics, inks, and watercolour. Another thing is that I tend to do a lot of butterflies in my work, and I see it as a symbol for curiosity. But mostly it’s about self-exploration, my own curiosity about what I can do and what the materials are capable of.


What made you interested in watercolour in the first place?

I found a watercolour artist on YouTube named Agnes Cecile. She’s an Italian watercolour painter. When I saw her video, I was so inspired, that I wanted to try it. I bought my own watercolour materials from Amazon about two or three years ago, when I was in grade nine or ten. I just watched her videos and tried to do what she does.


Did you have any experience with art before your first watercolours in high school?

Yes, I was drawing, but they were mostly doodles. Nothing serious, though. It was in grade eleven that I started getting into it and learning the proper techniques. But before that it was just doodles.


So you’ve only had a few years to practice your art and you already have an exhibition. That’s impressive! If there is just one thing that you would want someone to leave with from your installation, what would it be?

To inspire people to do something creative. No deep message or anything, just inspiration to create.


What are your plans for the future?

I’m hoping to become a professional artist. And if that doesn’t work out, then I’ll become an art professor, I think. But a hands-on professor, since I’m bad at art history! A studio class would fit better with me.


For future plans with his art, Joviel also hopes to use his inspiration from Da Vinci and other Renaissance artists to integrate oil painting with watercolour. His installation will be showing until the end of the month. On Sept. 30, he will be hosting a reception for his art in the gallery from 6 till 8 p.m. You can find his art online as well. Instagram: @jovielbuenavente. Facebook:

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