JDC West 2015

A whole host of crazy, yet fun games./Suzanne Barber

A whole host of crazy, yet fun games./Suzanne Barber

Who knew business and sports fit so well together?

Michaela Solomon – Contributor

Jeux du Commerce West, or JDC West, is an annual business competition that features the top 12 undergraduate business schools across Western Canada. This year, our very own University of Regina Hill Business School placed first in the categories of participation, business strategy, debate, and charity earnings. The U of R also logged the most charity hours of the 12 schools. The 2015 competition was held in Victoria, BC at the University of Victoria campus, from Jan. 16 to 18. Erika Desrosiers, a second-year business student who went to Victoria in January to compete in JDC West, explains how the teams are set up.

“There are four specific components that make up one large school team: Academic, Sport, Social, and Debate.” says Desrosiers.

“The academic team consists of ten teams of three to compete in all areas of business, including finance, not for profit, and entrepreneurship. The sport team is made up of eight athletes that compete in two sports.”

“One is a fairly well-known sport and the other is a little unorthodox. This year was European team handball and schtick disc. Good luck figuring out schtick disc. Social is a team of the four most outgoing people you have ever met. They are challenged in every way you can imagine, whether it be eating blended up concoctions or only getting two hours of sleep the entire competition.”

“Debate is also a team of four. These people will grill you until you believe that their point is right. Some wouldn’t think debate is very competitive, but our boys were cutthroat at the competition,” says Desrosiers.

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What is the main goal of JDC West?

Of course the competition is extremely competitive, but it allows for students who are dedicated enough to gain valuable experience and hands on knowledge you wouldn’t learn in any class. It teaches you a lot about overcoming obstacles and adversity along with bonding and creating relationships with your team.

What have you learned specifically about business at JDC West?

I always knew business people held their heads pretty high and were competitive and cutthroat; this competition confirmed those assumptions. I would say that the Hill School of Business here in Regina is one of the most humble at the competition. Lots of schools, in sport especially, were cocky, but it comes with the territory.

What are your goals for yourself as a businessperson?

My future goal as a businessperson is to make my way up the corporate ladder, and one day be the CEO of a large company.

How did JDC West contribute to your goals?

JDC showed me the type of people I am going to encounter in my journey. I am prepared for some battles and proving that I can do anything just as well, if not better, than anyone along for a similar journey

How might this competition help others in the area of business?

Academia gives you great presenting skills and teaches you to think on your toes and outside of the box. Debate is great for reasoning and persuasion skills. Social teaches a person that it is okay to be silly and weird in front of people and not be embarrassed about it. Sport teaches you teamwork and how important it is to get along with people you have to work with.

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